Is Togo Just “Another” Dog Movie? (My Review + Interview With Togo’s Movie Director)

A few days ago I got invited by Disney to not only interview the director of Disney Plus’s new movie Togo, Ericson Core, but to also attend an advanced screening of the movie. (Plus the after party, whoop whoop! Lol) However, after watching the trailer for Togo, I was a bit concerned.

With SO many new things on Disney Plus, Netflix, Hulu, etc., etc., movies like Togo can get pushed aside easily. Especially if you’ve already watched Disney Plus’s new Lady and the Tramp movie, and you’re “not in the mood” for another dog movie just yet. So is Togo just “another” dog movie on Disney Plus?

Here’s what I think …

Togo isn’t “just another dog movie”, but it IS definitely going to resonate a lot harder if you’re a dog lover!

Here’s why I say that …

The movie it self is okay. It’s more of a documentary, than a Disney movie honestly. And if you’re just watching it without the knowledge that I learned from Togo’s director, Ericson Core, during our interview before watching the movie, you’re gonna feel a bit disappointed. (Unless you’re a dog lover … and then in that case … you’re gonna go through ALL the emotions, and at the end you’re gonna hate the world. Especially if you’re from New York! Lol)

(Psst … no clue what Togo is about? Click here to watch the movie trailer and read all about Disney Plus’s new original movie, Togo.)

But you see … something I learned during our interview from Ericson is that, unlike many movies we watch today, there aren’t major “camera tricks” in this film!

Believe it or not, everything you see before you, is what really happened! That snow? It’s real! The storm? Real! Those mountains? Real! Like …

During The Geekly Retreat last month, we got to peek into a sound stage at the Paramount Studios and also walk around on the set of Grace and Frankie. Seeing what that set looked like in real life, up close, and then knowing what sets usually look like on TV is incredible! They look pretty much like the real deal on TV, despite it being all fake. (Paint, slabs of wood, props, etc.)

(Oh and don’t worry I’ll go into more detail about my trip to the Paramount Studios later on this week!) However … knowing that TV can make things LOOK real even though they’re not, and knowing that some people (like Ericson) use REAL locations to shoot on, is CRAZY!

When you sit back and watch Togo, while realizing that everything happening before you is LITERALLY happening, you begin to appreciate the movie for what it really is – art!

So honestly, as I watched Togo, ignoring everything else that was happening, I was BEYOND amazed because I knew that this stuff was real! It really helped drive the story home. Would I have liked it to be a bit more dramatic at times? Sure!

As Disney fanatics, we’ve grown quite accustomed to a “lavish lifestyle” in terms of entertainment content. Lol (I mean look how big and grand the new Aladdin movie was!)

But considering that the entire crew was working outside in -40 degree weather to make this shit happen, I’m quite content thank you very much! Lol (Yes, that’s another thing I learned during our interview.)

Disney Plus Togo Movie Screening

So while many may watch Togo, expecting something as amazing as Disney’s previous animation films, understand that … Togo isn’t going to be like the new Lady and the Tramp movie!

When you watch Togo, you’re watching a story about how a man goes from hating his “stupid ass dog” to “this is the best dog in the world”.

You’re watching a man basically say – screw my life, forget how much I LOVE my dog and wife, we’re going to do this because our community needs us to! You’re watching a man say, “I can’t sit here and not try to help save these kids lives, even if that means I may lose my dog’s life, or even my own”.

So as someone who’s always loved dogs, and has always wanted one, this movie hits hard because I understand that dogs and humans really have this amazing bond!

This movie wouldn’t stand a chance in theaters though, and I’m not even sure how great it will be on Disney Plus!

With all the competition out there, I’m really worried people are going to over look Togo. But Ericson also said that because it’s on Disney Plus, it gives families a chance to watch this whenever they want. Instead of feeling compelled to go out to a theater to watch it. (Because if that were the case they probably wouldn’t. There’s just too much out there.)

However, when you’re bored at home, and tired of watching the same movie over and over, you’ll stumble across Togo on Disney Plus, throw it on to fill the time, and marvel at the story! You may even scream at the screen a few times. Lol

And it’ll be there for whenever you need a reminder that there are great people in the world!

disney plus togo lead actress Julianne Nicholson

I keep saying I’m still not sure how this will do on Disney Plus, because I don’t know how kids will react to seeing this film.

So as soon as my daughter watches Togo I’ll update this post and let y’all know what she thinks. Cause yes, her opinion matters! Lol

I also feel like my dad would LOVE this movie! So I’ll have him watch it with my daughter and see what he thinks as well. Ericson did say that this movie did great with people over 35, including and especially men. So we’ll see!

Now … would I say you should drop everything you’re watching RIGHT NOW now to watch Togo on Disney Plus?

(Like I said after watching Netflix’s series, Raising Dion?) Nah! But do I think you SHOULD watch this? Yup! I need you to watch it so you know why we need to tear down this stupid ass Balto statue in Central Park! Lol I need you to watch Togo because right now we need to be reminded that sometimes we should help others, selflessly.

I need you to watch this because I need you to understand that making a movie is an art form, and Ericson and most definitely Willem Dafoe, are BEASTS for braving the cold and reliving this story to tell it! I need you to watch it because I need you to understand that life isn’t fair and sometimes we don’t get the credit that we deserve, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do that nice thing we WANT to do!

Noelle wasn’t that great of a movie either, (to me at least), but I think the messages IN the movie were great! And if people are EATING that shit up and watching it over and over and over … then damn, the least yo ass could do was watch this once and just marvel in the fact that this was very well made and I’m proud of everyone who worked on this film as if they were my actual friends. Lol

Or maybe they ARE my friends? Lol

Disney Plus Togo Lead Actor Willem Dafoe

Okay, yes … I know! Just because I met and took a photo with Willem Dafoe at the screening’s after party doesn’t mean we’re friends, but whatever! Lol Toe-may-toes, tah-mah-toes! Lol

Togo releases on Disney Plus on December 20th so …

Make sure you click here to add Togo to your watchlist and check it out with your entire family! Let me know how you guys like it. (Whether you like it or not.)

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Is Disney Plus's New Movie Togo Just Another Dog Movie?

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Written by Shaye Wyllie

Shaye is an Entertainment Writer from Brooklyn, NY and a big fan of anything and everything superpowers related (especially if kids/teens are involved), cooking + baking shows (like MasterChef Junior and Cupcake Wars), teen dramas, sitcoms, comedies, and legal dramas. When she's not binging the latest series on Netflix or writing, you can find her spilling her thoughts on the Brown Side of Disney Chat or creating YouTube videos with her daughter for their new family site, Popcorn and Tater Tots.



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