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Disney Plus’s New Film “Safety” Isn’t About What You Think, Here’s A Look At The Trailer

On Friday, Disney Plus debuted the trailer and key art for its new film, “Safety”, inspired by the empowering true story of former Clemson University football safety Ray McElrathbey. But when I got the email, the movie title was off-putting and I let it sit in my inbox to complete something else on my to do list. Now that those things are completed, I have a tad bit more time on my hands, so I opened the email.

And to my surprise, the new Disney Plus film ‘Safety’ isn’t about what I originally thought it would be! It’s about freaking football!

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Duh Shaye!

Safety, as in the football position, not safety as in stay inside away from Corona. *sigh*

To add insult to injury, the film is about a Black football player named Ray McElrathbey! So now I really feel stupid!

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After watching the trailer for Safety, which will debut exclusively on Disney+ on Friday, December 11, 2020, I can honestly say that I can not wait for this film to premiere!

The new Safety trailer is emotional!

If I don’t cry during this movie something’s wrong, because I almost cried watching the trailer. It has the heart of Coach Carter, and will clearly remind us that the people around us, are family! The people around us care even when we think they don’t!

And this year, which will probably be the hardest holiday season yet, due to Covid canceling lots of holiday plans, I’m sure this reminder will be needed for many, myself included.

Watch the trailer for the new Disney Plus Safety film below

More about Safety

safety disney plus poster

Safety is about a young man facing a series of challenging circumstances, whose dedication and persistence help him to triumph over repeated adversities.

Aided by his teammates and the Clemson community, he succeeds on the field while simultaneously raising and caring for his 11-year-old brother Fahmarr.

The film stars Jay Reeves (“All American,” “The Tax Collector”) as Ray and newcomer Thaddeus J. Mixson as Fahmarr along with Corinne Foxx, Matthew Glave, Hunter Sansone, Amanda Warren, Miles Burris, Isaac Bell, Elijah Bell and James Badge Dale.

It is directed by Reginald Hudlin (“Marshall”) and produced by Mark Ciardi, p.g.a. (“Secretariat,” “Miracle”) and Gordon Gray (“Million Dollar Arm,” ”The Rookie”) with a screenplay written by Nick Santora (“The Most Dangerous Game,” “The Fugitive”). Douglas S. Jones and Campbell McIinnis served as executive producers.

Hudlin said, “Safety is a movie about brotherhood and coming together for the greater good, which is a message our society needs right now. It’s the story of a young man stuck in a situation where failure is not an option. Through sheer force of will, he does the impossible, which inspires the whole community around him to do the same. It’s a movie I can’t wait to watch with my family on Disney+ on December 11th, and for families everywhere to do the same.”

Producer Mark Ciardi, p.g.a., added, “For over a decade, I’ve dreamed of bringing Ray’s incredible story to the screen, and now that it’s ready, I’m thrilled that Disney+ is making it available for families to enjoy together during the holidays.”

The “Safety” original soundtrack features score by critically acclaimed Grammy®-winning jazz musician/producer and composer Marcus Miller (“Marshall”), plus the original song “Hold Us Together” performed by Grammy®-winning singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist H.E.R., which she wrote and produced in collaboration with Josiah Bassey and Dernst “D’Mile” Emile II. The Walt Disney Records soundtrack will be available digitally on December 11.

Will you be watching Safety on Disney Plus when it premieres on Dec 11th?

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