So after getting an email from Disney Plus, stating that there was a new episode of their new docuseries, Disney Insider, out a few days ago.

I watched Disney Insider episode two before watching episode one, which features the new Pixar Onward film.

So, of course, I had to go back and watch episode one!

Here are a few things I learned watching the Disney Insider Onward story …

The main theme of Pixar’s Onward movie, according to Pixar’s Onward Producer, Kori Rae is …

During episode one of Disney Plus’s new docuseries, Disney Insider, Pixar’s Onward producer Kori Rae, talks about the main theme of the new Onward film.

Wanna know what the main theme really is? Click here to watch Pixar’s Onward producer talk about the films’ main theme.

Note: The story featuring Kori Rae talking about Onward starts at 9:49 of episode one, in case you’re looking to just jump right into it.

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Computer animated films aren’t just drawings …

I always wondered how animations worked and I know we got a little insight into this during The Geekly Retreat when we talked to the directors of Spies in Disguise.

But then Kori hit me with the … computer-animated films aren’t just drawings, we have to write code too, and I nearly jumped up outta my bed! Lol

CODEEEE? *soulja boy voice*

This makes animated films SO MUCH more interesting! They’ve always been a favorite of mine, but knowing that they’re also coded is freaking cool!

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Onward’s screenwriter based the movie on his own life …

Yup! The movie is based on real lives and real siblings! Which I think is pretty cool.

The screenwriter also has a brother and his dad passed away, so they used those moments and feelings in the movie.

Oh, and the producer also has an older sister who they used for inspiration as well. Kori mentioned in the show that her older sister would spend weekends with her, and she was grateful for that because she knew her sister didn’t have to.

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How they used green screens to create the dad with just legs …

If you’ve seen the trailer for Onward then you know the dad doesn’t have a body.

But what you may not know is that to get those scenes right, some of the team members played around with the green screens to see what it would be like to move around without a body.

It’s easier to watch than for me to try to explain the madness. Lol But it was definitely a smart technique, and why working on movies can be so fun sometimes. Lol

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P.s – Disney Insider also talks about the biggest challenge Mulan’s Director faced, so you can click here to read about that, and I’ll have a post up soon about what I learned from their Diary of a Future President story which is also in episode two.

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