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The Biggest Challenge Disney’s Mulan Director, Niki Caro, Faced When Creating Mulan Revealed

by Shaye Wyllie
Published: Last Updated on 4 minutes read
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A few days ago, I got an email from Disney Plus, stating that there was a new episode of their new docuseries, Disney Insider, out. And when I saw we’d be learning about the new Mulan live-action film I got super excited.

I love learning about how things were made, especially movies and tv shows, so I turned it on immediately. (Especially since the episode was only about 20 mins long.)

Here are a few things I learned watching the Disney Insider Mulan story …

The biggest challenge Disney’s Mulan Director, Niki Caro, faced when creating Mulan …

During episode two of Disney Plus’s new docuseries, Disney Insider, Disney’s Mulan director, Niki Caro talks about creating the new Mulan live-action film, and her biggest challenge faced.

Wanna know what her biggest challenge was? Click here to watch Disney Mulan’s director talk about her biggest challenge.

Note: The story featuring Niki Caro talking about Mulan starts at 7:26 of episode two, in case you’re looking to just jump right into it.

How long it took to cast Mulan …

I was super shocked to find out that it took more than a year to find someone to play Mulan! Like can you believe casting actresses for a whole damn year?

Why did I imagine the casting process to be simple? I mean, I’m pretty sure TONS of people showed up right?

But after a year of looking, they still couldn’t find someone! Shesh!

The battle scenes were shot on location …

I’m pretty excited that they shot the battle scenes on a real location instead of using CGI, and green screens, yaddy yaddy yah. Lol

They did the same for Disney Plus’s original movie, Togo, and it was beautiful to watch on screen! So I guess now I have a reason to check out the new Mulan cause I sure wasn’t happy about watching this before!

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However, I love when movies are shot on location because it just feels like art to me. To watch everything happen on screen and KNOW that it’s all real, is amazing!

Mulan was run completely by women …

I loved learning that this movie was run completely by women!

Even in the show, you can see how many women were present and it’s just a joy to see that happen in the Entertainment industry. Honestly!

For what was probably less than ten minutes, this was a good amount of info! So I can’t wait to check out the other episodes and see what else I learn.

I’m also gonna go back to episode one since they talked about Onward, which is also coming to Disney Plus in a few days, and I’ll have a post up soon about what I learned from their Diary of a Future President story which is also in episode two.

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