Diary Of A Mad Black Film Critic Episode 2: Why I Wanna Quit Writing, But Can’t

by Shaye Wyllie
Why I Wanna Quit Writing

So you think you wanna be a film critic, but you’re Black, and not sure how to get your foot in the door. Don’t worry, Popcorn and Tequila’s Editor in Chief, Shaye Wyllie (yes me) has all the answers. (Okay, most of the answers!)

And spoiler alert: reviewing movies (and tv shows) is the easy part! From interviewing Black talent, to finding your voice, and starting your own website, to building relationships with PR reps, and getting access to movie premieres (and the exclusive after parties) – Shaye’s gonna give it to ya. All of it. The highs and the lows!

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Why I Wanna Quit Writing, But Can’t —

Why I Wanna Quit Writing

In this episode, I’ll be sharing why I wanna quit writing, along with …

  • How I quit writing at least once a month
  • Why I’m not sure if writing is my true passion
  • What keeps me going, even though I’m so unsure
  • What I do when I feel like quitting 
  • How getting nominated for my first award made me even more unsure 
  • 3 valid reasons I should probably quit (and)
  • The real reason I can’t bring myself to actually quit

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