There’s Only One Thing I Don’t Like About Disney Plus’s New Diary Of A Future President Series

by Shaye Wyllie
Diary of a Future President review

As mentioned last week, my daughter and I got invited by Disney Plus to attend a special screening of their new original series, Diary Of A Future President. We also got to have lunch with Gabi and Elena (both pictured below).

However, while I absolutely LOVE this new series, and my daughter and I both can’t wait to watch episode 3. There’s just ONE thing about this show that absolutely, positively gets on my last freaking nerves!

Diary of a Future President review

The one thing I don’t like about Diary of a Future President …

The awful, god forsaken theme song!

OMG it’s terrible! The song is wack AF!

Like wackily, wack WACK! #SorryNotSorry

If you’re one of those people that practically RUN to hit “skip intro” …

… so you don’t have to listen to the theme song or watch the opening credits a thousand times, then make sure you’re ready!

Because this one SUCKS!

If you know me, then you know I’m BIG on music and sound, especially in films and videos. (I’m the type that has to sit directly in the middle of the theater because that’s where the best sound is. Ask me how I know on social media! Lol)

So when I heard how disgusting this theme song was, I was highly disappointed!

Damn GINA … see what I did there, hehe … y’all couldn’t have had a DOPE Latino song for the opening credits?

Something that would make us wanna listen to it EVERY time a new episode comes on?  Shit sounds like y’all rushed through the music choice, or someone white picked it, and was like yeah … close enough, let’s move on. *rolls eyes*

So yeah … I’m gonna be skipping the intro the way your CD player skipped the best part of your favorite song when your CD was scratched.

But whatever!

Wait, no … not WHATEVER! Y’all are Latino! Who made the f*cking music choice on this shit? It coulda been better omg! I legit cringed when I heard this damn song. And I LOVE me some Spanish music, the way my daughter loves yellow rice. Lol

So yeah … this made me mad! But seeing as how that’s the ONLY thing I HATED after watching the first two episodes of Diary of a Future President, then I guess it’s not so bad right? Lol

Diary of a Future President Tess Romero

Okay, so maybe there were actually TWO things I hated about this show? But I haven’t confirmed this one yet, so it’s a maybe.

However, I THINK I … (if you didn’t just say “saw a putty cat” we can’t be friends lol).

But I believe I heard one of these damn kids cuss!

And I definitely was like WTF – in my head of course – since my 7 year old was sitting right next to me. Lol

However, I need to rewatch episode two, because maybe my ears were deceiving me? I mean … Spies in Disguise is also a Disney movie and they had a mild slip up with the song lyrics, so I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m right.

I am however, shocked AF, because as much as I sit here and joke with y’all, and throw a few cuss words in my blog posts, I sure as hell don’t cuss around my kid.

Nor do I want my 7 year old hearing cuss words already.

Like, is this the new Disney? Cause if so, I don’t like it!

I ain’t got NO problem with the movies being a little darker, like Kristen Bell said here, however, this I don’t like.

I do think it’s sorta funny though, on a personal blogger level, not from a mother’s perspective, because I had someone once tell me that I cuss too much for Disney, which is a family brand.

They said something of that sort. Like – wasn’t I worried about the way I was writing because of Disney. Here y’all are pretending to not be you, for a brand, who now uses cuss words in their shows. Ain’t that some shit! Lol

However, I’m glad to see a Black boy in a “non traditional tv role” …

Just like in the new movie trailer for Disney Plus’s original feature, Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made, where we saw a Black boy who wasn’t the trouble maker (finally).

In Diary of a Future President, there’s a Black boy kicking ass in tennis!

A sport we don’t normally see Black folks in, let alone good at.

Unless maybe I don’t watch tennis enough? But hell, if there was a Black person excelling in Tennis, it would be ALL over the damn web, SO … moving right along.

Even though I KNOW Diary of a Future President is for my Latinos, I can’t help but still be overjoyed for Black boys being featured in a positive light.

Now, if we’re discussing the little Black girl, Ms. Too Cool For School, Snobby, Asshole, Pants (pictured above) then that’s a whole different story! Lol (And I get the feeling her role is about to get a tad bit more “bully-ish”.)

But I did like how Elena’s “old” best friend (also pictured above) isn’t a super mean girl. I guess Ms. Too Cool For School, isn’t a SUPER pain in the ass either. Lol Like they’re clearly being mean, but they’re not extremely rude.

Listen, let us (just) rejoice and be glad that the Lord has given us this Black boy joy moment, OKAY? Lol

And while we’re at it, let’s discuss the elephant in the room shall we.

How many times we gotta see Gina Rodriguez’s face in this shit?

Listen, I ain’t got NO damn problem with Gina, and I said it last year when I wrote this post about Ms. Rodriguez.

I absolutely LOVED her in Someone Great and I don’t know her on a personal level (yet, ahem, lol) so I can’t speak for who she truly is on any levels. But I KNOW some folks are out there worried about seeing her face in this show so yeah. Lol

Stand down! Gina only appears in three out of ten episodes!

You can relax now.

She was actually in the first episode, so once you get that out of the way, boom, only two more to go! And like seriously, she’s only in the first episode for like two mins?

Definitely no more than ten! So you can honestly skip it if you need to.

It’s really not that important. It’s just the intro of the show. It’s also not her best, so yeah … if you hate her, just skip it, and move TF on.

Don’t you DARE tell me you didn’t watch this amazing show because you don’t like her and blah blah blah! She’s barely in there!

Diary of a Future President elena best friend

Nevertheless, Diary of a Future President is perfect for girls ages 7 to 12 and discusses “heavy” pre-teen topics with style and grace.

It’s funny as HELL, and my daughter and I laughed one too many times during the first two episodes.

Not only would this be perfect for girls 7 to 12, I think this would also be great for moms of girls, especially single moms who are currently dating (or need to go on a few dates, ahem, like me lol). Along with any Disney Channel fanatics, who refuse to “grow up” and watch “adult shows” 24/7 … also like me!

This show is as informative as it is funny.

In just the first two episodes, Diary of a Future President touched on topics like: periods, grief and what it’s like to lose a best friend.

All of which I think the show handled super well!

I mean, it made it SUPER easy for me to talk to my 7 year old about periods. She’s AWAYS asked why I was bleeding. (You know, instead of being NORMAL, getting grossed out and staying out of the bathroom? Lol)

However, she never really understood what I meant until they talked about it so freely on the show. Ironically, I’m PMSing right now, so I was able to use the show to tie it in so she’d get it!

They talked about periods briefly.

Not about what it was, but mentioned the term in the kids conversations.

They also mentioned pads/tampons, so I got to basically say “remember what they were talking about when they mentioned periods? This is what they were talking about. This is what a pad is.”

Of course, when she’s a little older, I’ll explain it more, but for now she has an idea and it’s not so foreign anymore. Which is great, because in a few years, she’ll remember this and it’ll once again be easier to explain everything in more details.

Oh and if you think your kids will “never” understand topics like grief from just watching a TV show, just know that my 7 year old did. Lol

She made a joke about it too!

In the show Elena says “sorry for your loss mom” after her mom explains what grief is and tells her that her favorite (moms favorite) sandwich was taken down from the menu of one of their favorite shops.

Well, later that day after the Diary of a Future president event, which you can read more about here, I told my daughter something and she immediately was like “sorry for your loss mom”. Lol It was so damn funny! But this is why this show is so important! We don’t even realize the impact it has until kids see it.

Diary of a Future President gabi

Plus, Tess Romero, Selenis Leyva and Jessica Marie Garcia are absolutely great in this!

Can I just say that I absolutely LOVE Tess Romero!?

Tess plays Elena, and she’s absolutely wonderful.

I talked to Tess during lunch at the event and made sure to let her know how great I think she did.

Because I’m not gonna lie, Freeform’s Party of Five show had me on edge about kid actors recently. Lol And if you know, Freeform is Disney, but has been out longer than Disney Plus. So it was a bit scary.

But Tess did the damn thing! She’s cute, and funny, and totally relatable.

And if you watched Orange is the New Black, then you already know how amazing Selenis Leyva is!

Yet, somehow she still amazed me in this.

I guess that’s because her OITNB character was so hard? In Diary of a Future President, we see her soft, goofy side, as Elena’s mom and she had me DYING!

Her performance really felt authentic too. But I’m not Spanish, so I don’t know. Lol I just know I love her role in this.

Even Jessica Marie Garcia is amazing!

Okay, maybe I shouldn’t have said it like THAT! Lol She’s always amazing. You probably know Jessica, the way I do, from Netflix’s hit series “On My Block”, and if so, then she’s just as funny in this as she is in OMB!

The back and forth between her and Gabi (Selenis) is the cutest! I know in my trailer review post, I thought she was one of Elena’s teachers, but she’s not. Jessica plays one of Gabi’s co workers.

So watching them go back and forth at work is hilarious! You know how you always have that one work bestie? This is their relationship in the show. Lol

Now if you’re still not convinced, here’s a mini review from my 7 year old and what she thinks about Diary of a Future President.

She hates it! No I’m kidding. Lol My daughter absolutely adores the show. When I asked her about it, she said she likes how they tell us how Elena became the President. (Um, okay sis. They didn’t really TELL us that. Lol But I get what she’s tryna say.)

My daughter also said that she likes learning about what may happen in middle school. So if your kids are still in elementary school, this may be perfect for them to understand what that transition is gonna be like.

Because as my daughter said …

“You could lose your elementary best friend and find a better friend.”

Which I think is SUCH an interesting point of view that she picked up from watching the first two episodes. Here I am thinking, OMG this is so great because they touch on losing a friend.

While my 7 year old is thinking “she lost a friend but found an even better one”.

Well, Elena didn’t “find” her new friend, because she was her friend in elementary school too, but I’m glad that’s what she got out of the situation.

The crazy kid also mentioned during the screening that she wished Sam was at the event, because she likes him. Lol Y’all think she gon’ like who ever TF I bring home myself, since I’m back on these dating streets? Lol

I mean she totally understands why mommy refuses to marry daddy, so I don’t think she’d be upset. And if she ever was, at least she has this new show to comfort her.

Is Diary of a Future President good enough to keep us coming back once a week, every week, for 10 weeks?

Shit, if this was all up at once I’d be done in a day! I’d binge this!

But half way through the first episode I started wondering, “with SO many other shows, would I really watch this every week?”

The answer is: yes! 

Diary of a Future President is right up there with High School Musical: The Musical: The Series for me. And the ending of episode two definitely makes me wanna keep watching to see what happens next!

So yeah, I’m in this for the long run.

Overall I really, really enjoyed Diary of a Future President and I can not wait to see the rest of the show!

Even if I have to wait about 3 weeks for a new episode. *sigh*

However, while I LOVE this show in general, there are a few itty bitty pieces that I think are subtle, but make this show feel so much more realistic.

Like the way Gabi was mad about her sandwich being removed from the menu, and the way Elena reacted after her family wasn’t overjoyed by her buying breakfast. Plus the post it notes on the mirrors in the girls bathroom is such a lovely touch!

I could do without our white boy saying “the EP is a banger” though. But I guess! At least his dad jokes are funny. Lol

And when you learn why Elena’s teen brother has a “keep out sign” on his bedroom door, you’re going to DIE! (Trust me, I didn’t see that one coming. But they hinted at a reason I would have never thought about in episode two.)

Um, last thing … Pringles couldn’t pay for that product placement? I about nearly died watching them eat fake Pringles. Lol I mean they live in a house so I KNOW they can afford Pringles. Gosh!

However, Diary of a Future President was WAY funnier than I thought it would be and I’m extremely happy we got to see the first two episodes in advance.

When Disney Plus announced what would be on their streaming platform last year, I was extremely excited about this series. Now that it’s finally here, I’m SO happy. It was executed better than I could have imagined.

It definitely leans on the kid/family side of the Disney Plus spectrum, where as The Mandalorian was perfect for adults watching it with or without kids. But I think if you’re a big Disney fan, then this will hold a special place in your heart as well. Even if you watch it without kids.

Diary of a Future President will start streaming on Disney Plus January 17th! Here’s what else will be on Disney Plus this month.

Diary of a Future President Trailer

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Natalie April 11, 2020 - 8:01 pm

Honey with all due respect 1. your absolutely right as a parent cussing is unexceptional but “black boy” or “little black girl” isn’t necessarily the right terminology when discussing anyone and yes African Americans do indeed play tennis. 2. The show is based off of going back in the past and Elaina (Gina Rodriguez) reading her diary. Meaning these are memories from her past so yes being that she is technically the narrator they would indeed show her face a lot. Overall i did enjoy reading your your article and must agree i am indeed in it for the long run!

Shaye Wyllie April 11, 2020 - 8:36 pm

Thanks for reading and commenting.

1. I’m not sure why “black boy” and “little black girl” is an issue. We all know the correct term is African American or whatever actual ethnicity someone is (I’m African American but my parents are Caribbean). However, you can tell by my writing that I’m not going for the “correct terminology”. This isn’t a text book. I speak slang a lot so I’m not worried about what terms I use. I’m sure everyone who has read this understands. So in this sense it is correct. Lots of us refer to ourselves as Black.

2. I’m not worried about the fact that her face is shown a lot. Gina only plays the older Elena. She’s really not that relevant to the show. They did that on purpose. This show is definitely based on her childhood. So I’m confused on what that statement means since it sounds like you’re trying to correct something I said when I’m sure I stated this already. I mentioned it because a LOT of people currently hate Gina for what has happened in the past and what recently happened. Some didn’t want to watch the show because her name was on it and she was a character. So I made sure to address that she was only in the show for a short period of time.

3. I’m glad I’m not the only one that numbers my statements when I’m tryna make a point. Lmaoooo

But thank you! We definitely enjoyed the show. And I’m glad you like it as well. Do you have kids? Or are you just watching it yourself?

Natalie April 12, 2020 - 12:35 am

I was ecstatic to find out you replied! But to answer your questions
1. I’m actually only 14 but at the moment i am basically raising a 2 year old so i often watch the show with him which in term really makes me uncomfortable when they cuss because he’s at the age where he repeats everything
2.I did read your reply and take into consideration that your points were equally correct
3. I’m glad i’m not the only one as well lol i feel like i get my point across better this way

Thank you so much for responding this in a way means the world to me!

Shaye Wyllie April 12, 2020 - 12:18 pm

Oh of course dear! I respond to everyone. 🙂

But totally get it! Lol This show is a little too “grown” for him. But there are some shorts on Disney Plus that would probably be great! I was actually going to make a round up of them but check out the Short Circuit shorts! They’re cute, 5 mins each and you both can watch them. 🙂

Enjoy the rest of your weekend dear.

B April 19, 2020 - 8:42 pm

Just read your post on the theme song. I like it! And I especially like that it was written and performed by Emily Estefan… as in daughter of Gloria and Emilio. I knew that voice sounded familiar! They are Miami royalty and I think a great nod to the creator/producer Ilana Peña’s south Florida roots.

Shaye Wyllie April 20, 2020 - 8:22 am

Hey! Thanks! I know them by name, so that’s definitely a great choice. The song just wasn’t what I expected since I guess the show is so up beat and modern.


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