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Live Recap: 56 Thoughts I Had While Watching Dear White People S4 E1 On Netflix

I know y’all aren’t feeling too peachy about this damn musical thang Dear White People got going on in Season 4, so I sat down and watched episode 1.

I mean … it’s not … it’s okay? I guess. I need to see a few more episodes before I start ranting, so …

Here Are 56 Thoughts I Had While Watching Dear White People S4

  1. The future???
  2. Oh look is Lionel gay gay now? He a whole author to?
  3. WTF!? A book signing online? Wack!
  4. These “future” masks are extra AF y’all. 
  5. Wow Lionel and Sam don’t talk now?
  6. WTF bio locks? He can’t go outside for an hour? Can they NOT give the govt any more crazy ideas please!
  7. OH WTF!? Yeah again no … orgasms in pill form? I might as well just do it myself. 
  8. I don’t think the sound effects were needed when they took them masks off. 
  9. How many books did this boy write?
  10. Hurry up and show me what happened bruh! 
  11. Yeah “shaming” white people into giving me something I know I deserve doesn’t sit well with my spirit.
  12. Not him with the actual f*cking glitter! I f*cking can’t!
  13. I’m glad I’m not the only one that doesn’t want this damn musical to happen. 
  14. He said make sure you vacuum ALL that damn glitter up! I’m weak!
  15. Oh shit they put Dear White People on the school website homepage? That’s cute.
  16. Pause did he just say nobody their age listens to 90 music? Wow … wild … which millennial wrote this line! I just wanna say hi. 
  17. So he just gon’ wait for them to stop talking to start playing the piano?
  18. This feels a little scripted though.
  19. I ain’t even know what song this was. Glad someone did! 
  20. I guess I don’t mind the “musical” now?
  21. Everybody got twists in they damn hair this semester?
  22. I really do love her shirt! 
  23. Oh lawd another song?
  24. I love that he’s responding sarcastically to the questions she’s singing, that’s what I be doing.
  25. Okay the musical isn’t that bad right now. It’s not too cheesy … yet.
  26. That nontraditional students career fair looking like a horror movie waiting to happen.
  27. Noooo he doing interviews and on his phone, got it pinging, like this black girl ain’t important? 
  28. This man just asked if her doc on Moses was a religious thing! Her f*cking documentary on the professor Moses Brown! He not f*cking paying attention at all and it’s making me mad!
  29. Why is she even still talking to this white man if he not paying attention to her?
  30. She said “a brother” mad excited when this black man sat down! And I know that feeling oh too well. We all get excited when we see Black folks at any kind of function including hiring ones. 
  31. Oh lord … not this man asking if she wanna get a drink to talk about her documentary. SIR! This an interview for a job not a speed dating event come TF on now. And he’s Black! Why y’all doing this to me?!
  32. Exactly you sound dumb, and like a creep, and she’s undergrad? Barely 21 … 
  33. Of course the white girl loved the Black girl doc … omg does she think this shit is a joke? 
  34. OMG she mixed up her Black people! Of course she f*cking did. Wow she said she ASSUMED … aka she assumed the Black girl in front of her made a documentary about krumping? 
  35. CNN bought her documentary though! YASSS!
  36. I couldn’t have sat through all those “interviews”. I woulda walked TF out! That’s my problem. It’s the millennial in me.
  37. I knew another damn song was coming. 
  38. But not the “I would walk 500 miles” song. I can’t. I also kinda assumed we were getting more … um … Blacker songs than this?
  39. Oh she kissing white bae in public now huh! 
  40. Okay, so I like the back of her shirt, but not the front. I don’t know why I care like I’m buying it.
  41. Ahhh Reggie got a 6 figure deal from a tech company!!! 
  42. Coco also got a job! Poor Sam.
  43. She sold her first doc by 21 and STILL feels like a failure because she ain’t get a job at career day? Ain’t that some overachiever shit! I should know.
  44. Damn that quote hit me! I think I think like that sometimes. Always gotta be on the up and up or you’re not doing enough.
  45. Is Lionel’s BF actually gay? (Like in real life.) Or pretending to be for the show?
  46. I was just listening to this damn song yesterday! Damn I really am old. 
  47. Awww they’re saying I love you now??? 
  48. Ohhhhhh, this shot of them is so pretty!
  49. She singing again? I keep forgetting this ish a musical.
  50. I guess they had fun making this? But I hope this the only musical episode. It better not be the whole damn season. 
  51. Everyone keep asking if The Order is involved with the Varsity Show. Like, y’all know not to say that ish out loud. OMG!
  52. This door finally unlocked. Shit I forgot they were actually locked in. 
  53. This feels very scripted though. Ugh! And I know it’s scripted, but it shouldn’t feel like it is.
  54. This fake beard is annoying TF outta me.
  55. Again with these wanna be futuristic sounds for these masks! It’s annoying! Masks don’t need to make sounds. Especially if it’s on they ear with strings. Come on now! 
  56. Wait is that homeboy she used to talk to in the credits? He’s like the only one white there right?
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But yeah … that’s what episode 1 of Dear White People season 4 is like? Hopefully, episode 2 is better? I don’t know y’all. Say a prayer for me.

Here’s a recap of episode 1 along with my favorite quotes from the season.

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