If You Missed “Deadly Class” The First Time Around, You Need To Watch It ASAP

by Shaye Wyllie
deadly class season 1 episode 1 review

Not familiar with the Deadly Class series or graphic novel? That’s okay! Neither was I until a few days ago, when I randomly turned on (season 1 episode 1) of “Deadly Class” on Peacock TV in an attempt to find something new to watch.

Which now that I’ve finished episode 1, I guess it’s safe to add it to my list of shows and movies to watch this Summer, right? ‘Cause I’ll definitely be watching the rest of season 1 this Summer.

However … the series came out in 2018, and I don’t remember ever hearing about it then. So I completely missed out on its initial release. As you probably also did.

So if you missed “Deadly Class” the first time around, you need to watch it ASAP … here’s my review of episode 1.

First let’s set the scene …

If you were a homeless teenager, on the run because the world thought you killed a few kids, and had absolutely no one in your corner. No parents, no friends, nada. How far would you go to sleep in a warm bed at night? To have friends? To live what feels, as normal, as you’ll ever get? 

Would you kill someone you hated?

While you sit there and ponder on that insane question …

That’s what Marcus in Season 1 Episode 1 of Deadly Class deals with.

The first episode is a bit intense. Think: a dog eats dog world, run by kids looking for their next kill under the guide of a deadly killer who runs a school to teach them what he does so well. How to kill others. 

Every class looks like a not so magical version of a Dark Arts class from an alternative Harry Potter universe, including a class all about poisons.

Only there’s no wands, no witches or wizards, no magic, and no rules … that can’t be broken at least. 

Yet from the very first episode I’m intrigued. So often we hear about morals and integrity but we don’t see too many shows dealing with the very topic in this gruesome way. Not with kids at least. And none that I’ve ever watched.

But maybe that’s because I don’t do well with thrillers or horror type series. So this one is pushing my comfort zone just a tad.

Yet everything about this first episode screams — don’t piss me off or I’ll cut you … literally. 

And not only are these kids looking for someone to kill (as this is their very first assignment and very much needed to actually pass their class), they’re also a threat to their classmates.

One wrong word, one accidental touch, or should I say one punch with a heroic purpose, could get your name added to someone’s hit list before the bell even dismisses you from your first day.

So while I’ve never read the graphic novel, I’m intrigued to see how the rest of this season will play out!

And if you’re also intrigued, Deadly Class S1 is now streaming on Peacock TV. You’re welcome.

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