I Just Watched The Trailer For Spike Lee’s New Joint ‘Da 5 Bloods’ And It’s Aight

by Shaye Wyllie
da 5 bloods trailer review

Last month we got the official news that Spike Lee was releasing a ‘new joint’ on Netflix in June aka this month, called Da 5 Bloods.

We honestly didn’t get much though, aside from what the movie was about and the poster art which I didn’t care for much. And when da trailer for Da 5 Bloods dropped (see what I did there lol) I didn’t even run to watch it.

I was already unimpressed.

Honestly, if I’m being fully honest here … I never really rush to watch a Spike Lee joint.

Like, they’re just not my cup of tea. But as a Black woman, I appreciate his place in our culture, especially in the entertainment world, so I don’t write him off.

I’m just never in a rush to check it out. The way I’d rush to go watch something attached to Jordan Peele’s name. Feel me?

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Anywho, so yeah I FINALLY watched the trailer for Da 5 Bloods today since it’s coming out on June 12th, which is only a few days away, and …

Da 5 Bloods Netflix Film A Spike Lee Joint

My thoughts haven’t changed.

I’m still not blown away! Haha, war joke. Sorry. Is that insensitive? Please don’t shoot me. Okay, wait … that one probably just made this worse. Lol

Listen! Ignore my foolishness.

However, when I first heard what the movie was about – basically a few war buddies who buried some gold and blah blah blah, I wasn’t really interested.

Me and war movies don’t really get along.

The only “war” movie I like is Mulan, okay! Lol Like bruh!

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But seriously! I don’t go out searching for war movies to watch, I don’t enjoy them usually, so I wasn’t excited to see this.

And now that I’ve watched the trailer I’m still not excited! It wasn’t action-packed, there was no intense music to drive my emotions, just a few flashbacks of war and a TON of Black actors who I all love, looking for some gold they buried years ago.

I’m still gonna watch it though!

I promised myself to get serious about covering more Black movies and tv shows, so I’m gonna watch it. I’m just not ecstatic! There’s no joy in my heart right now. Lol

Shit, if I wanted to watch some folks look for gold I’d just watch Outer Banks again!

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That was a good ass show! Not exactly a BLACK show, but it was definitely the best show I’ve seen this year on Netflix so far. But ya know, we’ll see!

Hopefully, the movie is better than the trailer.

If you haven’t seen Da 5 Bloods trailer yet, here it is.

Click here for more details about what Spike Lee’s new Netflix movie is about.

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