Thanks to Hulu, I got to screen their new adult animation show called Crossing Swords a few days ago, before it gets released on June 12th. And after watching the trailer I already knew I was in for “a treat”. Shit was CRAZY! And Crossing Swords Episode 1 is no damn different than the trailer!

So Here’s My Review Of Crossing Swords Episode 1

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I have to admit, episode 1 of  Crossing Swords is funny AF!

Like, super funny, but also offensive, and not necessarily in a good way.

So if you already cringe at Dave Chappelle’s jokes, don’t even bother turning this shit on! You’re not gonna make it. Lol But if you DO like Dave Chappelle, then this is definitely something you need to add to your Hulu watchlist! Like NOW!

This shit is dumb as hell. Lol

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And of course, it’s totally “guy humor”.

Like locker room, dumb comments, probably shouldn’t say this shit out loud with randos watching you because they just won’t get why you think it’s funny! That kind of humor! So if you like “locker room” jokes and watching dudes punch each other in the dick and all the other tomfoolery guys do … you’re gonna enjoy this!

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However, I will say though … the underage sex joke isn’t funny at all.

Okay let’s call a spade a spade, it’s a RAPE joke and it’s not the least bit funny. I’m not even sure why they thought it would be! *rolls eyes*

Shit feels like R Kelly helped write this script.

Like, come on son, there’s already so many double standards and controversy around women raping men, why would you think this would be funny?! I legit almost turned this shit TF OFF! I had to woosah, remember I was reviewing this show, and that this is my “job” now, to keep watching.

Luckily, it wasn’t all in vain, but no matter how they spin that one, it’s still rape.

If he’s under 18, it’s rape, so it’s really not funny. And this is coming from someone who jokes about a lot of shit that people wouldn’t deem funny! I’ve probably said a few borderline (what would/could be) racist jokes to my friends, but this one ain’t it y’all! This one is enough to make folks turn this shit off and not return!

That’s how bad it was.

And it wasn’t even a lot – it was just him basically trying to get out of having sex with the Queen, so he said he was under 18 years old, and she was like “oh that’s even hotter”. Like, seriously? That wasn’t funny at all!

Like I said, luckily for them, they rap it up pretty well, by stating that sex NEEDS to be consensual. After he tries a few different lies so he doesn’t have to have sex with her, he finally spits out the truth and says “I don’t wanna have sex with you”.

She immediately backs off like “oh why didn’t you say that before, sex needs to be consensual”. Which, I appreciated, but honestly, if I wasn’t reviewing this, I may not have even gotten to that “redeeming” line because I would have quit watching right after that “joke’.

That message is problematic as f*ck, and there’s a fine line between funny and extremely offensive, and that joke definitely crossed the line in my opinion.

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To make matters worse, apparently to score with the ladies you have to be a liar? 

Lord! I’m so tired of that storyline being written into every god damn tv show and movie! It’s not f*cking true! You don’t have to lie or pretend to be someone else to get the girl, she just has to f*cking LIKE you bruh!

Either she likes you for you, or you move TF on! Why are we always telling men to lie and pretend to be someone they’re not? Stop it! That’s problematic AF! Dudes already dumb as it is, don’t make it worse please. Lol

But there were a few good points in this first episode.

They discussed cheating, and how some jobs aren’t worth going through a ton of hoops just to get it. (Especially when you have to break every moral bone in your body to please them.) Which I think is super timely right now.

I’ve never been okay with jumping through hoops for others, and I sure as hell ain’t about to start no time soon.

Oh, and should I mention these toy looking creatures, sorry I mean humans lol, are naked at some point, with dicks and boobs and everything? Sigh. Listen, just know if I see one of these townspeople with more ass than me I’m quitting this show! Lol

Like that’ll be the last straw for me! Lol (Clearly I’m kidding, relax! OMG! Lol) However, I’ll have a recap of episode 1 posted shortly. I’m gonna “try my hand” at episode recaps y’all so pray for me. But this should be good! Cause this show is a hot mess!

While you wait for my recap …

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