Disney’s Club Cool Drink Tasting In Epcot Is Totally Free, But Should You Do It?

by Shaye Wyllie
epcot cool club drink tasting

Y’all I had no freaking clue what Disney’s “Club Cool” in Epcot was, or that you could just walk right on in for a free drink tasting, until a friend of mine suggested that we grab a few cups from there during our Girl’s Trip in Orlando to split drinks while we were eating and drinking our way through the 2023 Food and Wine Festival. And whew! Boy was I in for a shock! Apparently Disney’s “Club Cool” is a cute store sponsored by Coca-Cola — where guests can try FREE sodas from all around the world!

It’s actually a cute idea and a great way to advertise a few Coca-Cola products while introducing us to a ton of drinks we may never taste elsewhere. Which I actually love. And since they had me at FREE drinks, I surely did venture in to see what was available.

Unfortunately, for me, not many of these drinks were actually drinkable. So I guess those tiny sample cups were on to something because you don’t need more than a sip from these ‘cool’ drinks to know, they’re absolutely disgusting!

With flavors like:

  • Country Club from the Dominican Republic
  • Joy (a Minute Maid product) from Korea
  • Royal Watermelon from the Philippines
  • a Cucumber Sprite from Russia and
  • a Raspberry Viva from Moldova

I surely thought I’d enjoy this free drink tasting at Club Cool before walking around Epcot to PAY for more drinks. However, I can assure you that I enjoyed the experience this brought me, more than the actual drinks themselves.

Especially the so-called POPULAR drink from Italy called Beverly, which was beyond disgusting! See the below video for proof.

So Should You Do The Free Drink Tasting At Club Cool In Epcot?

Abso-freaking-lutely! I don’t care how nasty that Beverly drink is, or if that Cucumber Sprite that I never bothered to try, because ew, haunts you in your dreams 3 months later! Everyone should stop at “Club Cool” in Epcot at least once to try the free drink tasting! Seriously!

It’s a fun activity to do with whoever you’re with, PLUS, there’s AC inside, and you can totally buy a better drink to wash the horrible taste out of your mouth once you’re done. But like — Disney is supposed to be fun! And even though that Beverly drink almost took me out for the rest of the day. The free drink tasting was definitely fun.

Plus, the cups are tiny, and you can fill them up as much, or as little, as you want. So it’s perfect for those who are already picky eaters to try something new. Without paying an arm and a leg for a plane ticket to go to another country just to be disappointed by their nasty a** cucumber Sprite. Or whatever the hell that Beverly drink is!

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