by Shaye Wyllie

Partner With Popcorn and Tequila

If you’re looking for a way to reach movie and tv show lovers, you can partner with Popcorn and Tequila to promote your titles, as long as it fits our target audience.

(Please read my about page for who I serve.)

I can …

  • promote titles on social media
  • review films / tv shows / DVDs + BluRays
  • unbox swag and movie promotional items
  • attend press events, movie premieres, and cover press lines
  • visit tv sets, movie studios, prop warehouses for behind the scenes coverage
  • create sponsored content for movie, tv, or lifestyle related brands
  • interview talent
  • host Twitter watch parties or conversations on Twitter spaces
  • co-host movie screenings and/or giveaway movie tickets
  • and more …

I also provide advertising packages for those who want to simply place their ads on my site.

Please email me at to discuss rates for advertising and social promotion packages to help you reach the audience your film / tv show deserves. As well as before sending any promotional packages, or adding me to your press list. While I’m happy to attend events and receive packages, I do love working building relationships with those I work with first. And if you have any other ideas of how we can work together, aside from what’s listed above, please reach out!

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