I Need These 3 Items From The ColourPop Mulan Collection ASAP

by Shaye Wyllie

Listen! I wish I was loved! Lol Like loved enough for someone to buy me some stuff from the ColourPop Mulan Collection.

Cause I mean, I’m not making enough to splurge on makeup right now. Especially not during this Corona era, when I ain’t even going outside! (Like I literally haven’t been outside in WEEKS! Lol F*ck I’m buying makeup for? Lol)

I mean, it’s cute AF and I WANT it!

But let’s be real … I’m not rich! I can’t just buy whatever TF I want right now. So that’s why I need someone to love me enough to buy me stuff. Lol

Cause like I’d love to have them once outside opens up again. I attend events, and movie screenings all the time, and I love lipstick! So I’d use them! If we were f*cking going outside, feel me? *sigh* Woosah!

Fine … whatever! Since no one is gonna buy me these things, how about we just stare at them together and wish we had them? Lol

Unless yo rich ass is gonna go buy them and let me suffer alone. Lol

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Here Are The 3 Items From The ColourPop Mulan Collection I (Really) Need Right Now:

Strong Chi Lux Liquid Lip – $9

colourpop mulan collection liquid lip

Click here to purchase.

Hua Mulan Crème Lux Lipstick – $9

colourpop mulan collection lipstick

Click here to purchase.

Mulan Shadow Palette – $22

colourpop mulan collection eyeshadow palette

Click here to purchase.

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I absolutely love lipstick, and I don’t have enough colors! Plus this eyeshadow palette is perfect because I normally only use nude colors anyway! So these colors would be great. If only someone loved me! *cries dramatically* Lol

Click here to check out the full Mulan ColourPop collection.

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