Like seriously! When I first saw the movie cover for Coffee And Kareem on Netflix, I was immediately intrigued. And then folks started talking about how trashy Coffee And Kareem was and I knew I had to watch it so I could review it. Lol

So I watched it last night and I’m pretty shocked.

It’s not as bad as I thought it would be!

While it may not be YOUR cup of tea, it’s definitely someone’s cup of watered-down Henny. Lol Cause this could never be a shot of Henny straight! Never! Henny straight is GOOD! Watered down Henny is tolerable!

Like … it’s not great, but it’s definitely not bad enough for me to NOT drink it. Lol

Anywho, here’s my full review of Coffee And Kareem.

Coffee And Kareem Review

Coffee And Kareem

I laughed so there’s that …

Like I said above, this isn’t the best movie on Netflix, but it’s not the worse! I mean, I actually laughed a few times, so it was entertaining enough.

But I get why folks complained about this.

Did they get paid by the curse words?! TF? Lol You know how some folks have curse jars, so every time you curse you have to put money in the jar?

That’s what this feels like!

Like … is that how the directors and cast got paid? Is that why there’s so many damn curse words in this? I mean, I curse sometimes, but god damn! That was a lot!

Oh and …

The cursing is so unneeded! But it’s not as bad as I thought it would be.


But maybe I’m biased? I already knew there would be cursing (and lots of it) so was I already mentally prepared for the shit storm?

Also, I worked with kids, in a few neighborhoods I wouldn’t wanna live in, so I’m fully aware that kids curse and how bad it can be. I’ve heard elementary kids curse! Like 5-6-7-8-year-olds! This really doesn’t phase me as much as it should.

And there’s a level of intensity I expected in his words that just wasn’t there!

Like the overuse of curse words was clearly for humorous effects. Not that kid’s cursing is funny, BUT some people think it is apparently. So, whatever! *rolls eyes*

There’s also outrage at the fact that it’s a Black kid cussing up a storm and I agree, but …

The fact that he did it in front of his mama and didn’t get the shit slapped outta him proves a white person wrote this. (Just like What Men Want. Lol)

It’s also another reason I couldn’t take this shit seriously!

He was cussing with his mama right there!!! Clearly this was supposed to be funny. *rolls eyes* Cause what Black kid opens they mouth to cuss with they whole mama right fcking there? Not ah one!

Not unless they tryna get sent back to whatever country they originated from! Lol

The only folks that get away with cussing they parents like this is white kids. So I guess, thanks for trying to spin the narrative of “bad mouth kids” on us, but nah!

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Coffee And Kareem James

But even without the cursing, I still wouldn’t take anything happening seriously cause this shit was stupid as hell.

Like … what’s with all these poorly written cop scenes that are supposed to be comical but just end up leaving us staring at the screen like WTF?

(Just like A Fall From Grace! Remember how bad those cop scenes were? These cop and bad guy scenes were just as bad. Lol)

Also, you want me to believe Taraji whooped them boys ass when one of em had a gun? I took NONE of this shit seriously.

And well, you’re not supposed to! *shrugs*

It’s a “comedy”, and I’m not sure if it was entertaining in the way they wanted it to be, but it was entertaining nonetheless.

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This is one of those “late nights, ain’t got shit else to do, lemme pour a drank and watch this” movie.

Like I wouldn’t pay to watch this! But it’s not that bad.

It could have been worse.

It could have been as bad as Little Women. I’m just saying. LOL That shit made me wanna walk out the god damn screening room and I ain’t pay to see that either. But I sure left wanting my money back.

Coffee and Kareem didn’t make me angry! It actually made me laugh. So yeah!

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Coffee And Kareem King Bach

But I will say … they picked the right supporting actors for this movie!

Cause I didn’t enjoy this movie because of the main characters at all!

Taraji P Henson, Ed Helms, Terrence Little Gardenhigh and Betty Gilpin, could have been replaced with anyone else and I wouldn’t have cared. None of them really contributed much to my enjoyment of this film.

And Taraji seriously needs to not do anything else “comical” and stick to the Empire ways that she’s used too. Lol Like for real!

I just watched What Men Want a few days ago and her performance in Coffee And Kareem reminds me of her performance in What Men Want. (Although her performance in WMW was way worse. So, of course, that leads me to believe once again that it’s not the actors it’s the directors and the direction they’re going in.)

I didn’t care for Ed Helms’s (aka James) performance either! Sorry buddy!

But I absolutely loved King Bach and Garfield Wilson in this. King actually happens to be awesome in Rim of the World as well, so I was super excited to see him in Coffee and Kareem. And Garfield’s character definitely added a level of “realism” to this movie in a time where I was starting to think “WHAT THE F*CK!”. Lol

Him leaving his car to go grab a coffee before work, and coming back to see a cop and a kid breaking in, in an attempt to steal it, was hilarious.

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Last but not least, here’s a few questions I stopped to ask myself while watching Coffee and Kareem.

Is that a lemon tattoo on his face? Lmao 

Um, what’s with the snacks and tampons?

Why is her name Thursday? 

Wait, he couldn’t walk to save them but he could walk to go to the motel? 

Did she just say a 600-week abortion?

Why did I bust out laughing when she started crying? Does that make me a bad person? Lmaoooo

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Overall, Coffee And Kareem ain’t winning no damn awards but it’s entertaining enough.

It’s not a great movie, but it’s entertaining, in a “this is totally stupid” way. But the supporting actors are who really make this movie bearable, not the lead actors aka the people they promoted as great assets to this foolishness.

Also, Coffee And Kareem doesn’t end the way I thought it would. And at one point I thought the movie was gonna be over, and then it wasn’t and I was like oops! Lol

But since this movie made me laugh, like really laugh, more than a few times, I guess it’s not that bad. It was way more entertaining than I thought it would be, so there’s that! Lol Is this gonna end up on my Netflix Recommendations list? Probably not!

But is it worth a watch if you’re super bored, like stupid movies, and don’t mind listening to folks curse for an hour and a half? Sure, why the hell not! Lol

Click here to watch Coffee and Kareem on Netflix.

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