Blood And Water: 8 Things I Absolutely Loved And 4 Things I Hated

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I finally finished Blood and Water on Netflix last night and boy! Their trailer doesn’t do this show justice! It was way better than I expected.

The new South African drama on Netflix is about a girl who, after crossing paths at a party in Cape Town, sets out to prove whether or not a private-school swimming star is her sister who was abducted at birth. And it’s really good. 

So here’s everything I loved and hated about this new Netflix show.

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8 Things I Loved About Blood And Water On Netflix

1. The way the first episode opens up.

Like the way it was shot, the music paired with her facial expressions, everything!


2. I love that there are gifs in their texts.

Silly and simple, but so modern and teenager-ish. Lol

3. How Puleng went to this rich boy’s party in the same damn clothes she had on from her sister’s birthday party!

Sis was dying to leave the house so bad she ain’t even change! Just up and left in what she had on. Lol Also shows that she didn’t care about appearances. Zama was dressed up and she just had on a cardigan like whatever.

4. I loved that Zama wasn’t an ass and didn’t just leave Puleng outside the party once she got in.

She actually made sure she got in, even though she wasn’t on the list. It was nice to see she’s not the “leave a friend behind because a rich white boy made her VIP and now she’s inside she don’t care about anyone else” type. Lol

5. Every moment that was shot upside-down.

Not even sure why I loved them so much, they just always felt so good.

6. Sis was answering other folks’ phones and talking to they mothers at the party.

Like what?! Lol Shit was just so funny to me.

And she was looking for them so they could talk to their mother! Like, omg! That could never be NYC! Folks out here would dead look at you stupid, hang the phone up and cuss you for touching they phone. Lol

7. When the white girl nearly got her ass beat in the locker room.

Listen, violence ain’t never the way, and I’ve never been in a fight, but don’t think just cause we in school means you get to talk to me any ol’ kinda way. Sis caught them hands real quick! Lol And it was just so unexpected cause Puleng seems like such a good, don’t break the rules, kinda girl. Lol

8. The way these African moms support they kids through thick and thin!

Mom thinks kid MAY be sleeping with the teacher and says “it’s okay, if you are, just tell me and we’ll figure it out”. LIKE WHAT!?

And it wasn’t just one mom, it was two of ’em! HOW sway!?

You know what Caribbean parents would say if they found out you were sleeping with ya teacher? Aside from calling you a whore? They probably wouldn’t say anything cause they’d kick you the f*ck out and disown you! That’s what! Shit!

There ain’t no “tell us the truth and we’ll figure this out”! It’s I’ll whoop yo ass If I find out this is true. So that definitely made me smile. Like as weird as that is for me to see on screen, it was still nice to see that level of support.

blood and water on netflix

4 Things I Hated About Blood And Water On Netflix

1. KB’s punk ass kept saying he should have had Puleng’s back.

Like how many times you gonna side withcho best friend and then turn around and tell your girl you SHOULD have sided with her? HOW MANY TIMES bruh! You just keep making the same “mistake” over and over again? Disgusting!

2. The way season 1 ends.

I really got to the end and was like, “wait that’s how this ends?” I was so mad. Lol

3. Wade and his friend-zoned foolishness.

Like the men in this show are SO annoying. Lol So you liked her but NEVER opened ya mouth to say so, and now she’s dating someone else you’re mad?

Now you can’t be friends with her?

And he really said something about not being able to do the friend zone thing and I’m just like is he serious? Men can’t just be friends with women? Ugh!

4. There are only 6 episodes!

Where my other 4 Netflix? Ridiculous! I wanted a full 10 episodes!

But on the bright side, I hear there’s a Season 2 coming and I can’t wait! I need to know WTF happened!!! But if you haven’t seen Season 1 yet …

Click here to watch Blood And Water today.

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Written by Shaye Wyllie

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