The Cliff Notes: The Craziest Things That Happened On “Bling Empire” Netflix’s New Reality Show

by Shaye Wyllie
bling empire netflix craziest things that happened

So if you haven’t heard, there’s a new reality tv show on Netflix called Bling Empire!

Now it’s not as wild as Tiger King, but it’s still a great watch in my opinion.

I rarely watch reality tv, especially things that feel like they belong on Bravo, but Bling Empire was more than just rich Asians!

Honestly it’s a great show about friendships, and a great reminder to not cross Anna Shay! *sips tea-quila* Anywho, here’s a recap of the craziest things that happened!

13 Of The Craziest Things That Happened During Bling Empire Now Streaming On Netflix

Note: I omitted a few names in case you’re still interested in watching Bling Empire so I don’t spoil everything. You can thank me now.

bling empire netflix poster

  1. Someone admitted they pay $19,000 in rent every god damn month! I can’t even!
  2. Someone who I’m still mad at told her friend to throw a penis pump out of Anna Shay’s window! Disrespectful a**es!
  3. Our beloved red power ranger blew the f*ck up in Paris, ultimately ending his relationship with one of the cast members. I’m still cringing sis.
  4. Someone asked her god damn boyfriend if he was gonna propose and his dumb a** said huh? Like he ain’t hear her! She was standing right in front of him! He f*cking heard that sh*t! I can’t with him!
  5. During Baby G’s swimming class, his mama asked his daddy if there was “anything else Baby G needed” and her damn husband said “a sister”. Real smooth! I’m still dying of laughter!
  6. He who shall not be named was trying way too damn hard to kiss his crush, who finally decided to go on a date with him after her breakup, during their Salsa lesson. It was a cringe fest! I’m glad she added him to the friend zone. Whew!
  7. Anna put a certain someone who could just not stop name dropping designers and flaunting her riches (despite them all being rich, minus one) at the far end of her dinner table away from all of their friends because she was tired of her sh*t. And I really don’t blame her. Sis was tiring!
  8. Somebody causally said they had 7 cars and 4 houses! And I’m still not over the 4 houses! Like WTF!
  9. This girl kept wearing her promise rings, which ironically look like engagement rings, and her friends kept thinking her man proposed! He didn’t! He never did. 
  10. One of the husbands, nonchalantly asked his wife to “let him know if this convo was a dream or real” once he fully woke up later, cause sis said she was gonna stop breastfeeding their son in case her mom reincarnated as the child, because “having her mom suck on her breasts is weird”. I still can’t believe he said that ish out loud to her! But she was tripping fo’ real!
  11. Kane and Kevin went around peeping into folks windows during their trip to South Cali. Thankfully it was for a good reason, because that was wild!
  12. Someone proposed to their boyfriend, during their kid’s 100th day party! And his response was … so weird.
  13. Anna hosted a “yoga class” at her home and I’m pretty sure the yoga instructor was really just a stripper! She was totally messing with someone’s head, but I mean the instructor WAS cute, so … hey!

Honestly the whole damn show was crazy, but not as fast paced as you would think it would be. It’s pretty chillax for the most part, and I loved watching it before bed.

Most of all, the show reminded me how great it is to have friends who love you!

No matter how much they made, or how they made it, and no matter how much they got on each others nerves, they were still there for each other. Even Anna, who threw shade a few times and had more than enough reasons to throw everyone to the side!

Plus I got to learn a few new things about Asian culture, which is always great.

If you haven’t seen Bling Empire yet I totally recommend watching it when you need something chill to watch. And if you HAVE seen it, drop something you thought was crazy in the comments below!

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