Here Are 12 Black Shows You Can Binge During Black History Month

Today I scrolled through Hulu, for some reason (I don’t remember why), and stumbled upon Family Matters. And then I stopped and thought “WTF? This whole damn time ‘Family Matters’ has been on Hulu and I didn’t know?” Lol Why no one told me?

What other Black shows are on Hulu!? Since y’all hiding shit now!

Well, I decided to take a look, and even found out that Hulu has a whole “Black Stories” genre, which you can check out by visiting the link at the end of this post!

Which of these 12 shows will you be binging this month? (I won’t judge you if you say Flavor of Love or I Love New York! Lol I swear!)

12 Black Shows You Probably Didn’t Know Were On Hulu

Family Matters

Family Matters

Living Single


Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper

The Game

Everybody Hates Chris 

The Cleveland Show

The Bernie Mac Show

Lincoln Heights

black shows on Hulu

The Boondocks

black shows on Hulu

Flavor of Love

black shows on Hulu

I Love New York

black shows on Hulu

But pause, am I the only one that’s never seen Lincoln Heights? Lol

Am I missing out y’all? Let me know!

Maybe that’s what I should binge-watch this month?

Here’s all the other Blackity black black shows Hulu has hiding away that you can check out this month.

P.s – Here’s my Hulu recommendations, if you’d like to know what I’ve watched and LOVED as well.

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12 Black Shows You Probably Didn’t Know Were On Hulu

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