8 Black Foodies Weigh In On Disneyland’s New ‘Tiana’s Palace’ Restaurant — Is It Worth A Visit?

by Shaye Wyllie
black foodies review tianas palace restaurant

Y’all when Disney announced Tiana was opening a restaurant at Disneyland, the hype was real! Of course, the haters were abundant as well, but the Black girl (and boy) joy was loud and clear. We wanted this restaurant! As if our own sister was opening her very first business. We stalked the updates and got jealous of those who got sneak peeks as Disney worked to get our new favorite restaurant up and running. This was gonna be OUR new joint! But now that it’s opened? I’m concerned! High key concerned!

The videos and photos I’m seeing across the web? Trash! It’s giving “Who let Lottie up in this kitchen? And where the hell is Tiana?” Is she on vacation or something? Because this first look isn’t cute! It’s not giving what it was supposed to give Disney! Not that they ever get anything Black right. I’m still annoyed about Pixar Soul and how that movie turned out. And how subpar Falcon and the Winter Soldier was. But still! I was totally looking forward to this. WE were looking forward to this! And now … I’m not that excited.

Fortunately for me, Disney announced the grand opening of Tiana’s Palace a few days before I took a Girl’s Trip to Orlando to celebrate my birthday. So I haven’t been able to actually test it out for myself just yet. But I did manage to round up a few reviews from a few Black foodies to help us all!

8 Black Foodies Review Disney’s New Tiana’s Palace Restaurant

@eatseemagic says “Disney didn’t wanna get dragged”!

And thanks Evangeline for a good gumbo. But the mac and cheese? “They said Lottie put raisins in the mac and cheese.”

@amberghini09 says “The exterior is beautiful, but …”

@amberghini09 Ive heard mixed reviews so maybe we just got a bad batch??! Try it for yourselves and lmk! 💚#tianaspalace ♬ original sound – Walt Disney Animation Studios

The “beignets were trash”. “I’ve heard mixed reviews so maybe we just got a bad batch??!” Of course, Amber also says … try it for yourselves. Which I always say, since we all like different things. But y’all I eat with my eyes first soooo … iono.

@tiffiestarchild says “Everything was well seasoned and that’s surprising for Disneyland”.

@tiffiestarchild Tiana’s Palace review: Aside from the macaroni and cheese (we’re gonna say that maybe we just got a bad batch), I loved everything we tried DOWN. The shrimp and grits is easily my favorite but that muffaletta is something serious #tianaspalace #foodreview #disneyland ♬ DJ tape rewind sound effect 06 ♪(1200543) – Rapid Fire

But, “this mac and cheese product feels very anti-Black.” However — “aside from the macaroni and cheese @tiffiestarchild loved everything” else.

@theskinl0ve wasn’t really feeling it …

@theskinl0ve idk yall #disneyland #tianaspalace ♬ original sound – Sunday Best

Even though Jasmine doesn’t say much other than “idk y’all” in the caption, the look on @theskinl0ve’s face is enough to warn us all.

@thesolarfairy says “Honestly the food exceeded my expectations”.

@thesolarfairy THE REVIEW IS IN!!💚✨ honestly the food exceeded my expectations and i can’t wait to go back🥹 tiana did her thing&lt3 #disneyland #disneyparks #princessandthefrog #princesstiana #tianaspalace #disneyfood #fyp ♬ louis the gator – jazmin🧸🍰

Which is good news! The dishes Jazmin rated were mostly given high grades, minus the beignet of course. But @thesolarfairy did mention in the caption that “Tiana did her thing”.

@millie.the.mermade recommends the house gumbo …

@millie.the.mermade DO NOT GET THE BEIGNETS HERE- Tiana's Palace Restaurant #princesstiana #tiana #tianaspalace #disneyland #disney ♬ original sound – millie.the.mermade

But @millie.the.mermade also includes a warning in the video and in the caption! “DO NOT GET THE BEIGNETS HERE.” And y’all don’t gots to tell me twice! Although, I probably will get one just to taste it, to see why everyone hates it because I’m a glutton for punishment. I almost took a second sip of that nasty Beverly drink in Epcot, before my mouth could even finish puckering to figure out why it tasted so damn bad! So yeah — I need to taste it for myself! I’ll definitely keep my expectations low to the flo’ though.

@gracefullyfitmama says “these soulful foods hit the spot in every way”.

And in the caption, “@gracefullyfitmama says that the “the cold brew was a delicious pick-me-up” and Tiana’s Palace is a “definite must visit”.

@colormemagic recommends the gumbo and the corn bread.

Which I’m happy to hear because I love me some cornbread. If it’s made right. I still haven’t seen anyone confirm if it has corn in it or not. Let’s pray it doesn’t!

Now while some are raving about the new dishes, and some would rather eat elsewhere. Some of the girls in our Black Disney Moms Facebook group were disgusted and appalled.

These ‘Black Disney Moms’ Are Absolutely Disgusted With Disney’s New Tiana’s Palace Restaurant

Y’all I asked folks to review the food at Tiana’s Palace in our group and they were in there cutting up! Our Facebook group is private, so the reviews below are anonymous, and you’ll have to join the group (if you qualify for membership) to find out who said what.

However — here’s a little peek at the group chat.

  • Someone said “The beignet was a lemon pop tart” and I’m screaming! Because that’s exactly what it looks like.
  • Someone also said, “That beef sammich (I refuse to call it a poboy) was doing the LEAST.” And someone responded, “It was a poor boy”. Cackles in shame.
  • Another review said, “The shrimp and grits are great if you don’t mind the grits not having grits” and what is the REASON! I don’t even eat grits and I’m appalled. Apparently, it was “more like mashed potatoes”? Pray for them chile.
  • Another mentioned the mac and cheese “was disgusting”. “No zing, nada.” She also said, “Those aren’t beignets. [But] I didn’t have the heart to tell Tiana [that] to her face though. She must have been off that day with Naveen and somehow Lottie got up in the kitchen.”
  • And another member said “the beef po boy … was just beef. No distinct flavor to it, nothing to help it stand out. The best thing on this plate (pictured below) was the pickles.” Which saddens me because I don’t even eat pickles! Gah!

However — it’s not all bad news from the group.

One member said, “The red beans recipe is just how my mom makes it.” “The chicory flavor was accurate” and the “mac and cheese had a proper creole zing”. Another said — “all and all, I think the price and portions are great. I was not expecting all of that food for the price point at a quick service place. Being able to SEE Tiana walking around and taking pictures was the biggest plus here.”

But the biggest takeaway from the group? Is to skip the beignets! “I did NOT even try to taste the beignets because why would I do that when the delicious Mickey beignets are RIGHT next door to enjoy?”

So the verdict seems to be the same everywhere — the house gumbo is where it’s at, the mac and cheese needs some work (and probably a miracle or two) and the beignets can go straight to hell … or wherever it is that our friends on the other side reside.

And even though I’m now a little worried to take my picky ass to Tiana’s Palace — I’m still a little excited to try everything for myself. If Disney can make me enjoy their BBQ, cole slaw, and mac and cheese over in Animal Kingdom, I don’t think Tiana’s Palace will be TOO disappointing for me. But I could be wrong because Disneyland churros are trash! And I’ll fight anyone who says otherwise. So we’ll see! As soon as I go, I’ll post my own review of the food at Tiana’s Palace, but until then I hope this was helpful.

And if you’re a Black creator who visited Disneyland recently, but your review isn’t above, feel free to DM me on Instagram, Twitter, or even TikTok, with your link so I can add your thoughts for the people! Cause we need to know!

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