16 Fun Black Christmas Movies To Watch This Holiday Season

by Shaye Wyllie
black christmas movies

I know some of you watch Christmas movies ALL year round! But for those of us, who only watch them during the “holiday season”, we’ve only got a few weeks to cram in our favorites. Which means I can only watch so many Christmas movies each year! And with all 3 Grinch movies being my fave, along with “Home Alone“, and “I Want A Dog For Christmas, Charlie Brown”, I’ve got even LESS time to check out what’s new. Plus, most of my time goes to watching Black Christmas movies since I can relate to those the most. Why do I subscribe to this madness every year? Who knows! But I’m big on giving each holiday their ‘space’. So I only watch Christmas movies after Thanksgiving.

But all Black Christmas movies aren’t made equally! Some are fun, and make me laugh, and some are … well, let’s not even talk about those. Why talk about the bad ones, when we can skip straight to the good part?! ‘Cause let’s not even pretend like “Jingle Jangle” isn’t the Black Christmas film of all time, okay! The crème de la crème!

And I’m not just saying that because I’m cool with the director and producer!

She’s been that girl since 2020! It’s the one Black Christmas movie I expect you to have on rotation every year, simply because it’s THAT good! But now that they’re finally making MORE Black Christmas movies, which I absolutely love and adore, it’s time to update your lists!

Before you do though, make sure you save this Frozen Boozy Hot Chocolate recipe to enjoy throughout the holiday season, as you binge-watch these incredible films. You can totally leave the booze out if you’re sharing with kids, or need a non-alcoholic version. It’s good either way!

And if you some way somehow, magically blow through these Christmas movies before the holiday season is over. I’ve also included a list of 100 Christmas movies you can watch, to give you more options, at the end of this post.

Now … what you came here for! Here are …

16 Blackity Black Christmas Movies You Can Watch This Holiday Season

1. Jingle Jangle

Jingle Jangle

You have to start your holiday season off with our favorite Black Christmas movie of all time! And if you haven’t … well … it’s not too late to watch “Jingle Jangle” and pretend this is the one you started with. This one’s a musical, and the joyous dance numbers and songs are a perfect way to kick the holiday season into gear! Click here for a full review of “Jingle Jangle”.

Where to Watch: Netflix (You can also grab the Jingle Jangle books on Amazon. There are 3!)

2. Dashing Through The Snow

black christmas movies

Starring Ludacris and Lil Rel, “Dashing Through The Snow” is Disney Plus’s newest (and probably its Blackest) Christmas movie! And it’s everything you expect from a Disney Christmas movie! It’s cheesy, but fun, and perfect for the entire family to watch if you’re looking for something new this year.

Where to Watch: Disney Plus

3. Candy Cane Lane

black christmas movies

Candy Cane Lane” is Prime Video’s newest (and wildest) Christmas movie. I actually really enjoyed it! It’s not your normal ‘cheesy rom-com’, but instead a wild family adventure starring our fave Eddie Murphy! And it’s totally worth a watch this holiday season if you’re looking for something that’ll have you and the kids screaming at your screen!

Where to Watch: Prime Video (You can also grab Candy Cane Lane merch on Amazon.)

4. Boxing Day

black christmas movies

This one isn’t particularly a “Christmas” movie, since it’s about “Boxing Day” but it’s definitely a great watch for the holiday season. It’s a British rom-com that gives you big island vibes. So if you’re West Indian, or just love the culture, this one’s perfect for you!

Where to Watch: Prime Video

5. Best. Christmas. Ever!

black christmas movies

This may not technically be a Blackity Black Christmas movie, but it stars our fave – Brandy, and that alone makes it worth watching! But I guess it helps that this one’s also another great spin on the regular holiday film. *whispers* It’s about a *cough* white lady *cough*, who’s jealous of her old *cough* Black *cough* friend’s new, fabulous life. And while the concept is hilarious, the film actually has a bigger, deeper meaning than one would think! It’s a great reminder not to covet this holiday season!

Where to Watch: Netflix

6. Holiday Rush

Holiday Rush

This one’s perfect for you if you’ve got *cough* spoiled *cough* kids, and they need a not-so-subtle reminder about what Christmas is really about. It’s also one of my faves!

Click here for my thoughts on “Holiday Rush”.

Where to Watch: Netflix

7. The Holiday Calendar

The Holiday Calendar

This cute Black Christmas film is totally a swoon-worthy rom-com, that I absolutely loved watching! So I hope you enjoy it just as much.

Where to Watch: Netflix (You can also purchase this cute journal on Amazon inspired by the movie.)

8. Free Rein: The 12 Neighs Of Christmas

black christmas movies

I’ve been obsessed with Jaylen Barron since I binged “Free Rein” a few years ago. But probably not as obsessed as I am with this cute Netflix show about a Black girl in London who gets to ride horses for a Summer!! (I grew up loving horses and always wanting to ride one, so I naturally was excited about this show.) However — you can probably watch their Christmas special even if you haven’t caught every episode! Hopefully it’ll get you to go back and watch this amazing series.

Where to Watch: Netflix (You can also grab these Free Rein books on Amazon. There are 3!)

9. Cool Runnings

Cool Runnings movie Disney

Okay, so I know “Cool Runnings” isn’t really a Christmas movie, but it’s one of my favorite Disney films of all time! And since Disney Plus has it on their “holiday list” I’m gonna follow suit and tell everyone to watch this inspiring sports movie every holiday season! It’s perfect for kicking your butt into high gear for the new year! I still say that one famous line to myself in the mirror whenever I need a quick pep talk. You’ll see what I mean when you watch it!

Where to Watch: Disney Plus (You can also purchase the BluRay or DVD on Amazon.)

10. Santa Games

black christmas movies

I haven’t watched this one yet, but it seems to be Hulu’s only Black Christmas movie? Sooo … yah. It’s on the list I guess! Don’t scream at me if you hate it. I’ll try to watch it and come back and update ya!

Where to Watch: Hulu

11. Almost Christmas

Almost Christmas

Y’all know I had to put this messy classic on the list! It’s also directed by my fave — David E Talbert, who also directed “Jingle Jangle”.

Where to Watch: Prime Video (You can also grab the DVD on Amazon as well.)

12. A Madea Christmas

Black Christmas movies currently streaming A Madea Christmas

Listen! I know how we feel about Madeahttps://amzn.to/3RBgb88 these days! But if you’re gonna have the older folks over for the holidays, you know they love them some Madea! So don’t disappoint them! Let them watch what they love! Sip on a boozy frozen hot chocolate, and just chill, and laugh at how much they scream at the TV.

Where to Watch: Prime Video

13. The Perfect Holiday

Black Christmas movies currently streaming The Perfect Holiday

If you’re looking for the perfect Christmas movie to watch, then why not just watch “The Perfect Holiday”? I’ll be honest, I haven’t watched this one in years, but Gabby’s still my girl!

Where to Watch: Prime Video (You can also grab it on DVD on Amazon.)

14. Last Holiday

Black Christmas movies currently streaming Last Holiday

I know it’s wrong for me to put such a classic, so far down on this list! (But just in case some of you read backward and scrolled all the way down here first, here it is!) I’d love to say I don’t know what it is about “Last Holiday” that’s so wonderful, but I’d be lying because I do know! It’s the Queen y’all! Queen Latifah killed this role, and I’ve loved her since.

Where to Watch: Paramount Plus (You can also grab it on BluRay or DVD on Amazon.)

15. The Best Man Holiday

The Best Man Holiday

Here’s another Christmas classic that I know you guys love rewatching! If you haven’t seen The Best Man Holiday yet, this year’s your year!

Where to Watch: Peacock TV (You can also purchase it on BluRay or DVD on Amazon.)

There are also a few Black Lifetime movies on Peacock, but I haven’t had the time to check those out yet, so they’re not on this list. But feel free to watch them and let me know if they should be added!

16. Hip Hop Family Christmas

black christmas movies

I haven’t watched this one either, but this looks like it could be the time of somebody’s life! With a star-studded cast, this could be really cute! It could also be really lame, so if it is I apologize.

Where to Watch: Paramount Plus (You can also rent it on Prime Video here.)

And there you have it!

I haven’t seen ALL the Black Christmas movies out in the streaming world yet. But these are the ones I found doing a quick search. Of course, if there’s anything I’m missing … let me know! And I’d be happy to watch YOUR favorite Black Christmas movie to see if it deserves a spot on this fantabulous list as well. Which I’ll keep updating every year!

P.s. – Here’s that list of 100 Christmas movies I promised you.

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