American Black Film Festival: 14 Thoughts I Had While Watching The Black Boy Joy Short Film

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So yesterday I announced that I was covering the American Black Film Festival and all of the films I was looking forward to covering over the next few days. And first up on the festival’s agenda, was the HBO Short Film Competition, which I attended (virtually) last night. A few of the films I saw, weren’t even on my radar initially, but Black Boy Joy was definitely on my list to watch and I’m absolutely thrilled that I got to see it.

Black Boy Joy is an introspective slice of life story about two generations of Black men, living within the same household, juggling the demands of raising a young son with autism, starring Will Catlett, Evan Alex, and Montae Russell.

Here Are 14 Thoughts I Had While Watching The Black Boy Joy Movie

Black Boy Joy Movie Poster

1. This is so pretty!

2. Oh look my friend! (I don’t even remember his actual name, so I don’t even know how I’m screaming he’s my friend. *sigh* He’s gonna disown me before we even get to meet and become actual friends.)


3. So cute! Kids are definitely like that! My daughter is like that if her dad doesn’t do stuff the way I do it. (Hell, she’s like that with her grandparents too.)

4. He got a whole check list from mom, huh? Oh, wait, no. *sad face*

5. This just made me super sad bruh!

6. Love that there’s a boy with a doll in this movie, but I’m pretty sure it’s because he misses his mom.

7. This is great as a short film! It’s not making me FEEL too great though.

8. Oh no, not the damn LEGO! He stepped on a LEGO! You know he mad.

9. Watching them look for this doll is insane and so emotional.

10. The way this father is angry is the way I get angry too. I can’t imagine what parents of kids with special needs have to deal with. OMG!

11. Omg the grandfather took the doll so he could “man up” I bet! I just know it!

12. It’s cute that what calms him down is remembering the names of Black inventors. That was such a nice touch!

13. Son this is really making me sad. Omg! And being someone who’s worked with kids with special needs and knowing that school is gonna be back soon. This really has me in my feelings.

14. This is super emotional!

So yeah, that’s pretty much what went through my head while watching this.

I’ll have a full review of the movie up soon.

This was only one of the five films in this category, so once I’m done reviewing them all, I’ll let you know which short film I loved the best, and who I hope wins the American Black Film Festival HBO Short Film Competition!

Then we’ll get to see if my instincts are as great as I think they are, at the end of the festival during the awards show.

Click here to sign up for a “Community Pass” to the American Black Film Festival so you can watch the Black Boy Joy movie for free.

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