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#blackAF Is Wack AF, Boring AF, And The Humor Is Dry AF, But Them Messages Tho! Golden!

The creator of Blackish, Grownish, and Mixedish, now has a new show called #blackAF on Netflix and while the topics are definitely Black AF, the show itself is boring AF! I watched the first episode of Black AF to write this review and um, I don’t know if I can watch another episode.

I mean, I want to, but they make it super hard to really be entertained, so I don’t know! However, here’s my review of Black AF.

Black Af Review

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Black AF review

Humor is dry AF, but them messages tho!

So yeahhhhhhh … um, yeah no! I’ma pass on this one y’all.

This is supposed to be a sitcom? A comedy series? And I chuckled what maybe once? Twice? Jeezus. No!!!! GTFOH! I laughed more at the comments and notes I was writing down (which are below) than at the actual show!

This ain’t funny at all! I’m good love.

Despite the first episode being about “peacocking” and how Black folks feel the need to show off and stunt on everybody, including their own people, and how Kenya thinks this has a lot to do with slavery, it’s STILL boring to me!

Like, the message is SO DOPE, but ugh!

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, peacocking, as my friend Jarius said “it’s when a person uses clothes, shoes, cars, homes, and trips to present their superiority over another while also distinguishing themselves from others within their same culture.”

And the whole first episode of Black AF is about this very concept!

It’s also about how Kenya thinks slavery may be the reason we as Black people do this. And it makes so much sense!

But the show itself is just lackluster and dull!

The delivery is meh. The storyline about his daughter doing a documentary, which is why we’re seeing all this stuff come to life in their house, is wack. Lol

Black AF moves on CPT! (Yes, colored people time!) Cause it’s slow AF! Like is this for the older generation? Who this for? White peoples? Gotta be!

There are clearly big messages sprinkled throughout this show just like Kenya’s other shows – Blackish, Grownish, and Mixedish (which I didn’t even bother wasting my time on cause again to me it’s boring as hell).

Honestly so is Blackish! Grownish is the ONLY one I actually watch religiously. Lol Like I love it! I’m not sure why that’s the only one I relate to, despite relating to all the topics, but it’s the only one I find remotely entertaining.

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However,  I feel like I’m gonna miss out on some great topics if I don’t keep watching!

So I guess if I can torture myself and watch (literally) 5 mins of Too Hot To Handle (which I’m definitely not watching any further, I don’t care if you pay me lol), I can watch another episode of Black AF! Right?

Maybe when I need some background noise or something, I can throw it on, or while I’m working, and don’t really have to pay attention to the horrible humor, that way I can still sorta listen for the golden gems.

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But Here’s What I Was Thinking While Watching

Yes to the music!

He said, “what else did you get at the Vin Diesel auction.” LOL

Black people always gotta get a bright ass orange car to stand out, huh.

I can’t tell if this is a doc or just a fiction show. What is this? I’m confused!

His assistant said he’s Jewish, and Keyna said: “if some shit went down, you’re white”. LOL

The show explains why Black folks put so much effort into looking good!

Kenya really asked if he’s a coon!

She said “if you don’t buy this car I’ma go f*ck someone who has this car! Don’t test me!” OMG LOL

I think his assistant needs a new job. Lmaoooo (Cause he don’t know WTF he supposed to be doing. Lol)

Wait! Why he said he don’t know if his assistant owns a pair of socks! LOL

This is more boring and duller than Blackish.

Omg! How many kids they got?

Also, everyone is terrified of the 13-year-old?

Awwww no one celebrated his birthday.

Ahhh! I just saw a flyer for Astronomy Club!

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And yes, I know my notes make the show sound funny, but it’s not.

I just wanna make that very clear here.

While it SHOULD be funny, cause the jokes are on point, the delivery isn’t!

So it falls short.

This shouldn’t even be considered a sitcom. Family Reunion, as cheesy as y’all say it is, is funnier than this! I’m just saying! Also, as trashy as Coffee And Kareem is, I laughed more watching that, than watching Black AF!

And that makes me incredibly sad because this is why we don’t watch the things we NEED to watch. The level of entertainment we need just isn’t there. If this was supposed to be a documentary then the level of humor would probably be perfect.

But it’s supposed to be a sitcom!

Anywho, some people find it hilarious, but not I says the cat. So you can watch the first episode and see for yourself. If you liked Blackish and Mixedish, maybe this will be your jam? You let me know! Lol

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Click here to watch #blackAF on Netflix.

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black af review

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