20 Of The Best Movie Quotes From Pixar Soul

pixar soul movie quotes

While watching the Pixar Soul movie on Disney Plus, I couldn’t help but notice these quotes. These are my absolute favorite quotes from the film. So I hope you enjoy these quotes as much as I do.

(P.s – If you’re looking for a full review of the film, click here. You can also check out 13 things I loved and 11 things I hated about the new Pixar film here.)

Here Are 20 Of The Best Quotes From The Pixar Soul Movie On Disney Plus

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“Connie knows what I mean! Right Connie?”

“I’m 12!”



“No no no no no, I have a gig tonight, I can’t die now!”


“This can’t happen! I’m not dying today. Not when my life just started.”


“Is this heaven?”


“Is this h e double hockey sticks?”


“I’m gonna make you wish you never died!”

“Most people wish that 22.”


“It’s not great but I know what to expect.”


“I don’t like music sounds. Feels like a little too much.”


“By the way, why do you sound like a middle aged white woman?”


“I just use this voice because it annoys people.”



“You can’t crush a soul here. That’s what life on earth is for.”


“The fire is so pretty! I kinda wanna let it spread.”


“Your life is so sad and pathetic and you’re working hard to get back to it. I mean, why? This I gotta see!”


“Do you have a piano on board? I can focus with that.”


“Careful those fingers are my livelihood!”


“It’s all in this stupid brain of yours!”

“Hey hey hey stay outta there!”

“Oh relax there’s not much in here, just jazz, jazz, jazz.”


“Stop what are you doing? This is New York City you don’t stop in the middle of the street!”


“No way. I am staying right here until your stupid body dies!”


“I’ve only been a person for an hour and even I know that’s a bad idea.”


“No I rescued it.”

“Too bad you can’t rescue your career.”


“You can’t eat dreams for breakfast Joey.”

“Then I don’t wanna eat.”


Are any of these quotes above your favorite? Did I miss a good one that you loved?

If so, leave your favorite quotes in the comments below!

Pixar Soul premieres on Disney Plus this Christmas! Will you be watching it?


Written by Shaye Wyllie

Shaye is an Entertainment Writer from Brooklyn, NY and a big fan of anything and everything superpowers related (especially if kids/teens are involved), cooking + baking shows (like MasterChef Junior and Cupcake Wars), teen dramas, sitcoms, comedies, and legal dramas. When she's not binging the latest series on Netflix or writing, you can find her spilling her thoughts on the Brown Side of Disney Chat or creating YouTube videos with her daughter for their new family site, Popcorn and Tater Tots.



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