7 Easter Eggs + Movie References Found In The Babysitters Club Series

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The Baby-Sitters Club: (L To R) Sophia Reid-Gantzert As Karen Brewer And Xochitl Gomez As Dawn Schafer In Episode 109 Of The Baby-Sitters Club Cr. Liane Hentscher/Netflix © 2020

While watching The Babysitters Club series on Netflix a few days ago, I screamed entirely too much at all of the Easter eggs and movie references I noticed!

I usually miss Easter eggs, but I totally caught these and was super excited about them!

So here they are …

7 Easter Eggs + Movie References In The Babysitters Club Netflix Series

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1. Gossip Girl

During the 1st episode, the girls meet up in Claudia’s room to discuss Kristy’s big idea, and when Kristy realizes Claudia has invited someone else she gets a tad bit snarky and says …

Kristy: “Have you ever even babysat before? Don’t all the kids in New York just have fancy Polish nannies until they graduate from college?”

Stacey: “I think you’re confusing real life with Gossip Girl.”

I can’t tell you how excited I was to hear that GG reference. I actually plan on rewatching Gossip Girl soon because, why not!?

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2. Harry Potter

In episode 6, Mary Anne realizes there’s something off about her room, and that for some reason she misses the old painting that used to hang on her wall.

Which leads her to say …

Mary Anne: “Maybe it’s a Horcrux! A piece of someone’s soul is trapped in there, calling out to me.”

Little did she know that she was technically right and that the painting was a piece of someone dear to her heart.

Which she finds out shortly after.

3. Narnia

At the hospital, in episode 6, with Janine, Claudia tries to communicate with Mimi but can’t get through to her.

Janine then explains to her what’s going on with Mimi and tells her about Manzanar.

Which of course Claudia thinks is some made-up name for a make-believe place …

Claudia: “What’s Manzanar? Is it some make-believe place like Narnia or something?”

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4. Curious George

I’m sorry, but this scene was extremely funny. Wedding dress shopping is horrific, as far as I remember, especially when you’re shopping for bridesmaids dresses.

And Kristy’s snarky comments are always on point. She really did look like a banana in her dress, but I don’t think she needed to be THIS dramatic.

Kristy: “The only person in the world that thinks I look great is Curious George before he tries to eat me.”

Okay, well maybe she did need to be dramatic! Being dramatic got her a new dress she loved!

5. Hamilton

In episode 9, the girls head off to Summer Camp, and of course theatre geek Mary Anne hangs a Hamilton poster on the wall near her bed. Which funny enough, Hamilton premiered on Disney Plus the same day The Babysitters Club premiered on Netflix!

6. The Hunger Games

And towards the end of episode 9, all of the kids at camp raised 3 fingers in the air, just like they did in The Hunger Games.

It was a very nostalgic moment.

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7. Clueless

Okay, so I actually missed this one! However, I found it on Twitter and was like “oh snap”.

I’ve never seen Clueless so I totally didn’t get it the first time. Sorry, not sorry.

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Bonus Mention: Airbrush T-shirt’s + Trolls Dolls

The series also made sure to mention airbrush t-shirts, and troll dolls, during Season 1, both of which pulled at my 90’s kid heartstrings. I remember wanting an airbrush t-shirt from the mall when I was younger, and I actually had a few trolls dolls as a kid. (Something I only remember because we have the photos!)

However, that’s all I’ve got!

Did you catch these Easter eggs while watching The Babysitters Club? Are there any other 90’s references that I missed? If so, leave them in a comment below!

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