Becoming An Avenger: What 2 Hours Of “Top Secret” Black Widow Spy Training Looks Like

by Shaye Wyllie
Spyscape Museum in NYC

Last month, a few bloggers and I got invited to a special Marvel Studios event to celebrate the in-home release of Avengers: Endgame at the cool “new” spy museum here in NYC.

Yes, I hated the Avengers: Endgame movie as a whole, see why here. However, I love Black Widow as a character, and have ALWAYS wondered what it would be like to be a spy for a day!

I mean, I grew up on Spy Kids, and loved every movie from the series, so yah! Lol I also LOVED Avengers: Infinity War, like no other, and Captain Marvel, so it’s not like I hate the entire series. Lol

Anywho, the event was last weekend and even though I despise museums, this “Black Widow spy training” was pretty cool dude! (Sorry. Lol)

Before you transform into a spy

Before we got zipped off for our Black Widow spy training, we collected our gift bag, put our risk bands on, and stuffed our things into a locker.

The lockers allow you to set a code of your own, and kept our hands free while attending the training. So I’m glad that was an option. I usually check our things in when we visit museums anyway, but having a locker to secure our things is even better!

The first floor, when you enter, is also packed with a TON of books, so as we waited to start our training, I had a look around at a few of the books and was extremely tempted to buy one. Especially this one …

Once all the spies were accounted for, we headed into a “secret room” to learn about our mission, aka the elevator. Lol It was pretty cool, because it felt like you were really being transported to a different place, like they do in the movies. Lol

And when we got out, everyone was shocked that we moved! Of course the video they played made it LOOK like we were moving, but we didn’t FEEL a thing! Lol

Setting up your spy profile

Once you step out of the elevator, you’re supposed to set up your spy profile so you can keep track of your missions and progress throughout the museum.

You just scan your risk band, like shown below, and then it sets it up for you. (I’m not sure if this is already done for you when you buy your own tickets and visit Spyscape, but everything was preset for us, so when I scanned they already knew who I was!

Which is pretty freaking cool and totally adds to the “secret spy” affect.)


Then it’s on to the training!

My Black Widow spy training included


Where we got to test our code-making and code-breaking skills by using a touch screen replica of an Enigma machine to create and decode messages. (Super duper easy by the way, and of course I got it all right! Lol Had I known it was timed, I probably wouldn’t have taken so long. Lol)


Where we got to test our lying and lie-detection skills by purposely lying while we answer questions and trying to figure out when someone else is lying in a private “interrogation” room, pictured below.

Special Ops

Where we got to test our strategy and agility in the laser tunnel by stepping over and slipping under lasers in a private mission room, and hitting as many buttons as possible.

I’m not gonna lie, I sucked at this one, and I think I need to go back to prove myself. Lol But it’s way harder than what everyone else makes it seem!

While you wait to test your skills, you can watch everyone else test their skills on the screens outside the room, and see their scores compared against the top scores. So anxiety filled spies, beware! Lol There will be people watching you the entire time! Lol Good thing about this though?

Once you enter the room, you’re so damn focused on trying not to step on a laser while you hit as many buttons as you possibly can, that you totally forget people can see you scramble. Lol So it’s still pretty fun! (And definitely a bit of a workout. Lol)


Where we got to test our observation skills in a 360° degree surveillance room by looking at the surveillance cameras on huge screens, just like in the movies, and answering questions about where people are! This one is a bit hard when you’re blind like me, and can barely see the tiny movements on the screen! Or need more time to process things, with only a few seconds to look. However, it was a great experience nonetheless. Check out what the surveillance room looks like below.


Somehow we missed the Hacking training, and now I’m mad because it would have been totally great to speak to actual hackers and test my hacking skills. (I’ve always wondered how hard hacking was, and now I’m sad I didn’t get to test it out. Lol)

However, my Black Widow spy training experience at Spyscape was great and I’m so grateful for being invited! Thanks Marvel Studios! It was great getting to be an Avenger for a day.

But you know what wasn’t great?

How We Got Lost Leaving Spyscape

Yup, that’s right, on our way OUT of Spyscape, we got lost! Lol I blame all the mislabeled “exit” signs. Who knew when they said Exit, it meant EXIT THE BUILDING!? Not … leave your spy mission and go back down to the first floor to grab your stuff! Sigh.

Apparently, not us. Lol So yeah, we went out the wrong exit! (I’m just glad this wasn’t apart of our spy mission. Lol Because I don’t think I would have been able to handle failing yet another task! Lol) Take a look at our “adventure” below.

Avengers: Endgame Giveaway Alert

P.s – Avengers: Endgame is now out on Digital + Blu-ray, so don’t forget to grab your copy. (IF you enjoyed the movie the first time around, haven’t seen it yet, or just need to watch it AGAIN like moi. Lol)

Make sure you’re also subscribed to my newsletter, and following me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, to find out when I FINALLY post this Avengers: Endgame giveaway, in case you’re cheap, also like moi, and would rather a chance to win a copy on Blu-Ray! Lol I’ll also be giving away a Black Widow Funko Pop as well!

Got any questions about the Spyscape museum or our time spent “training” like Black Widow? If so, leave them in a comment below and I’ll answer them all! If not, thanks for reading!

Don’t forget to hit SHARE so others can read this post as well. (It’s a great way to let me know I don’t suck at this thang called blogging. K thanks! Lol)

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Becoming An Avenger: What 2 Hours Of “Top Secret” Black Widow Spy Training Looks Like

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