I just watched Astronomy Club on Netflix and aw man was it good! I used to think comedy was one dimensional out of ignorance, since I only knew of stand up comedy. But after watching Bring The Funny on Hulu a few months ago and learning about the different types of comedy, I found a love in sketches.

So when I heard there was an all black sketch crew on Netflix doing their thang I had to check it out! The entire show is hilarious but below are the 15 sketches that I loved the mostest! For the culture! LMAO

(If you watch all 6 episodes – yup, it’s like fcking February, the shortest series on Netflix I swear – you’ll understand why I added “for the culture” there.)

Astronomy Club on Netflix

Listen, if you’re blackity black black and you haven’t seen Astronomy Club on Netflix yet, what are you waiting for?

For us to revoke yo black card? Lol (If you still even have one.)

Trust me … the series is only 6 episodes long, with each episode taking up about 20 mins of your god forsaken time. Like, you’re not doing anything better at the moment so stop playing and throw this shit on! ASAP!

It’s hilarious!

I’m still not sure why Netflix put all these clowns in the same clown car, I mean house, but it totally was cool to see them be silly in the house in between the sketches.

I mean … I was ready to move on in with them and help them clean or whatever. Lol I’ll sleep on the floor, it’s fine. Just let me in on this greatness! I swear I won’t even touch the moon lamp! LOL (Watch it to see what I’m talking about.)

But the show touches on a ton of black topics that we’re constantly in debate about, and I think they did a wonderful job with the sketches. They were extremely creative and highlighted the topics in a way that makes you feel like you’re an elite part of their club. I’m certain only black folks are gonna get some of these sketches because you gotta LIVE it to really get why it’s so funny.

Astronomy Club on Netflix Review

Which is probably why these 15 sketches were my favorite …

  1. The Gingerbread House Sketch
  2. The Sweating Your Edges Out Sketch
  3. The Bodegas & Dragons Sketch
  4. The Scared Of Being On A Plane Sketch
  5. The Old Time Tea Party Shade Sketch
  6. The Kat Williams Substitute Teacher Sketch
  7. The Watch Black Porn Only Sketch
  8. The Missy Elliot Music Video Sketch
  9. The Fight Injustice Now Meeting Sketch
  10. The I Killed Chucky Press Conference Sketch
  11. The What You Shoulda Done Game Sketch
  12. The Black Dances At A Wedding Sketch
  13. The Parents Beating They Kids Sketch
  14. The What’s My Bra Size Sketch
  15. The Mary Poppins For Black Kids Sketch

Now these aren’t the actual names for the sketches. Lol But they’re the ones I made up so you have some context as to what the sketches are about.

I loved the concept of the gingerbread house with the cookies being actual “people”. OMG and the one where she’s in the HOSPITAL cause she sweat her edges out and homegirl was gonna “fix it” by licking her hands and slicking em down herself. Lol

The sketch about him killing Chucky was extremely spot on to. Like I KNOW every black person has watched Chucky thinking “but he’s a doll, he’s like one foot tall, just KICK him”. So this one was great to watch.

Oh and you HAVE to watch the Missy Elliot sketch in episode 3 just to listen to her name ALL the countries in Africa … for the culture! It was great!

P.s – I can’t do any of them damn dances they named in the wedding sketch either, so that one was made just for me! LOL

Overall, the show is amazing and I’m SO glad I took the time to watch it today. I’m really excited to see where they end up next and I hope Netflix allows them to add another season, cause this was AMAZEBALLS!

Click here to watch Astronomy Club on Netflix. And make sure you let me know which sketches you loved the best.

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