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Twitter Is Not Happy With The Artemis Fowl Trailer!

Oh, oh! Twitter Is Not Happy With The Artemis Fowl Trailer

As soon as I got on Twitter I saw someone (*ahem* my friend Tania from LolaLambChops.com) had retweeted the Artemis Fowl trailer!

Boom. Great. Let me check this out I said. But before I could watch the trailer I saw the comments! And boy are people not happy!

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Are there NO MILLENNIALS on these movie production & writing teams?

First, it was Sonic the hedgehog! Now Mulan is rubbing me the wrong way.

(The same way I guess the new Aladdin rubbed some folks the wrong way? Not me though because I LOVE the new Aladdin. Lol And if you still haven’t seen it yet, you should watch it on Disney Plus ASAP!) 

However, we went from almost rioting about Sonic and his human teeth to now a movie about a book where the story has been completely flipped!

So like I said … are there no millennials on these teams? Is that the problem?

Because having a few millennials aka the people who grew up on these books and video games would easily solve any issues. A millennial could have told Paramount Pictures Sonic didn’t look right BEFORE the public did. And a millennial could have said that this Artemis Fowl Movie ain’t nothing like the book!

Which is sad because they were originally supposed to release this movie last year and pushed it to this year.

So what the hell were they doing with all those extra months?! Lol 

The poster looks nice though! I guess. Lol And it’s totally giving me A Wrinkle In Time vibes. (Which now that I think about it, is that even a GOOD thing? Lol)

Artemis Fowl movie

Here’s what folks on Twitter had to say about the Artemis Fowl trailer:

Click here to check out what everyone else is saying.

But now I’m wondering …

How did Paramount Pictures manage to get Dora and the Lost City of Gold so right though? Because that movie was GOLDEN! Lol (Pun intended.) And I don’t think anyone expected the Dora movie to be any good. Lol 

How was Dora a lame-ass kid show (yes she taught us Spanish but the shit was frustrating to watch okay lol) turned into such a great movie? But Sonic was almost a complete failure and now Artemis Fowl is a completely different story?

According to Twitter though … cause I ain’t even read the book. Lmaoooo 

I think this was out BEFORE I realized I was a sci-fi fan! So I just never read it. Probably also judged it off of the title I’m not even gonna lie. I did that as a kid. Lmaoooo

So yeah, I’m not even sure if Twitter is rightfully mad cause I ain’t even read the book. But I DO know they mad as hell. Lol 

Me though?

Here are my thoughts on the Artemis Fowl trailer.

I think it’s okay! I’m a little worried that this is going to be a bit too scary for my daughter but since she turns 8 in a few days we’ll see! She’s been handling darker movies (like Frozen 2 and Toy Story 4) way better than before so she may be okay! I’ll show her the trailer when she gets in from school. Lol 

I also loved the music in the trailer! I’m wondering if that’s going to be apart of the soundtrack? Because if so, I’m going to love the music in this!

But I agree with Twitter … despite not reading the book. Lol If that’s what this book was about, they should have kept the damn storyline! I mean … we read the book as kids, and Disney is leaning towards darker movies anyway, so they don’t have the “it’s supposed to be for kids” excuse!

What do YOU think about the Artemis fowl trailer? 

And if you didn’t read the books either …

… and wanna know what all the fuss on Twitter is about?

Or just have kids who you think could benefit from reading another book this year? Lol Grab one or the entire series below!

(Yes it’s my affiliate link. I earn a few pennies if you purchase using my link so go awf and buy the whole store! Thanks! Lol I could use the extra cash and I’m sure you know a kid that needs a $5 book! Help a sista out! Gracias. Lol I’m serious though!)

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People Are Not Happy With The Artemis Fowl Trailer

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