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“American Auto” Was Decent TV Until This Racist Joke Slapped Me In The Face

I started watching the “American Auto” series on Peacock TV last night, because I needed something light and funny to watch, that I wouldn’t have to take notes for.

So I figured why not a sitcom for wyipipo? No strong Black leads means I won’t feel obligated to cover the show in anyway, so I could just sit back and enjoy it, right?

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Even though episode 1 solidified the fact that “American Auto” was basically gonna be just background TV I could throw on while working, the racist jokes seem to be a common theme throughout the series so far, and I just can’t.

After managing to ignore the “racist car” that drives on its own, but only stops moving when white people are in front of it, in the pilot episode. Which actually hit one of the three “main” Black characters, because it wasn’t programmed to stop for his skin color.

Episode 2 continues the racist jokes, but this time it’s tied to slavery, and I’m done now.

Here’s a recap of the racist joke that completely turned me off from watching the American Auto series …

Disclaimer: If it trigged TF outta me, it’ll probably trigger TF outta you too. So please keep that in mind. I’m sorry in advance if this makes you as angry as it made me.

american auto series poster

The scene starts off with a white executive who has been pretending to be more important than he really is, so he can use his new Black colleague — who just got bumped up to executive, as his assistant.

Said white employee hands his Black colleague a takeout box, which we’re lead to believe contains food, and is a gift, only to find out enclosed is a gold chain with the white employee’s name on it.

Yup, a gold chain, for the Black boy, with the white man’s name on it.

Like he’s a fucking slave.

And the racist convo that happens during this scene is …

“Have a look.”

“I don’t um … I don’t get it.”

“It’s a present.”

“Wait, you got me a necklace with your name on it?”

“Yeah. Now no one will give you assignments anymore, because everyone will know you’re mine.”

Thankfully, his Black colleague has the sense to say no, and walks away.

But then … one of the other Black characters, a Black female, slithers out of the shadows and says “if he don’t want it, I’ll take it”.

And since this short scene has already left such a bad taste in my mouth … I can’t even smile or laugh at the fact that, she only took the stupid ass chain so she could pawn it and profit off his racism and stupidity.

So yeah … I’m pretty much done with the American Auto series.

Racism isn’t funny, and this is hella triggering. The fact that people are still writing these narratives, and making fun of the past, is beyond me.

And if you ever wondered why I rarely ever write about or watch shit with more than 3-4 wyipipo in it … this is why!

Seriously, it’s only January, and I’ve already heard enough racist remarks for the rest of the year. Peacemaker’s first episode also has some racism in there, that has me reconsidering watching the series.

Even though Danielle Brooks and Viola Davis are my fave.

It’s just hard to watch shows that are supposedly “comedies”, when it’s rooted in racism. Who is that funny for?

Cause it sure ain’t for me!

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