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All American S3 E1: I Don’t Know What Happened In Vegas, But Everyone’s Home (Yup Even Him)

by Shaye Wyllie
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All American Season 3 Episode 1 Recap

Listen Linda … I have a confession! Okay two! First one? *whispers* I don’t remember WTF happened in Vegas! Like, not at all. Even the little recap before All American Season 3 Episode 1 didn’t help jog my memory much.

But I do know that with the way these kids run their mouths, everything that happened in Vegas ain’t staying in Vegas! So eventually it’ll all get brought to the light.

Second confession? This is my fourth attempt at writing weekly tv recaps!

For some reason, I can never get through the whole season. It wasn’t until I started writing about Lovecraft Country weekly last year that made me realize I CAN write “recaps”.

So since it’s a new year, I’m trying recaps again! Let us all pray! Hopefully, I can make this a thing! If not, don’t shoot, I tried!

But anyway, so All American Season 3 Episode 1 aired a few days ago, but since my bootleg a** don’t have real TV (we’re just running on our fire stick and streaming apps right now) I won’t be able to watch things until The CW app posts the episode the next day.

So you can expect these recaps the day after its TV release! I’ll try to get them up early so you don’t miss out on much.

Okay so, with that said, here’s the run down …

All American Season 3 Episode 1 Recap

all american season 3 poster

Everyone’s home (yup him too) …

So not only are all the “kids” back from Summer vacay, Preach is outta jail thanks to Tyrone’s sister. Apparently sis changed her mind about revenge once she realized how much havoc her brother caused the community? Ummm … take that how you want. I’m still kinda shocked.

But since she’s this dope a** lawyer, she had Preach’s marijuana charge thrown out, now that it’s legal. This brought his previous charge (the reason he was in jail) down to a second offense, instead of his third, so with a bit mo’ elbow grease from the sister of the deceased, they let Preach out.

Now I’m not sure if I actually trust this girl yet, since she came in real hot talkin’ bout “who killed my brother” but I guess we’ll take the small win, be grateful and worry about her a** on another day? Cause …

All American Layla and Spencer

All American — “Seasons Pass” — Pictured (L-R): Greta Onieogou as Layla and Daniel Ezra as Spencer — Photo: Erik Voake/The CW

Layla and Spencer are officially a thing again?

After hooking up in Vegas (again I don’t remember Vegas, so I didn’t even remember this happened) and seeing each other again before party 1 of a milli (y’all know how these kids do) these two are back together?

Do I like them together? No. Daniel Ezra is bae, so I don’t want his a** with either of them! Put me in the show!

But seriously, I’m happy for them, they both had some issues they needed to work out, and since Spencer and Olivia are practically family, I think that ship has sailed. Look, I said I think, I didn’t say I was right though!

‘Cause it seems like they’re hinting at Olivia and Spencer hooking up this summer too.

But I’m not sure that actually happened! At the end of the episode Spencer asked O if they were ever gonna talk about what happened and I realized that he could just mean about her being drunk! She was drinking! He caught her doing that if I remember correctly.

So all the cute hand holds, and stares, could just be that they’re tryna make it seem like these two had a thing? I feel like its just them tryna make things interesting for us. (Cause let’s face it, if Spencer and Layla just got back together and he had a fling with Olivia over the Summer, Lay finna flip her sh*t AGAIN!)

So we’ll see …

As for Spencer, he’s back at Crenshaw and Beverly ain’t too happy about that.

All thanks to the reporter who twisted his words. Well, not so much as twisted them, but just changed his tone to make it sound a lot harsher than he originally said it.

So now his old teammates are mad at him, including Jordan who’s basically his brother and feels betrayed? Sigh! This kid ain’t never gonna catch a break huh?

All American Season 3 Episode 1 Recap Jordan

All American — “Seasons Pass” — Pictured: Michael Evans Behling as Jordan — Photo: Erik Voake/The CW

But speaking of Jordan …

His girl Simone finally had her baby! She did go through with the adoption, so this episode was pretty sad for me. She didn’t even look at him! (A lot of parents think it’s easier this way, but then end up regretting it because later on in life when they wanna know their kid, they have no clue what they look like! *sigh*)

Thankfully her nosey a** dad got a few photos of her kid for her to remember him by because he knew she’d need them. Jordan has been supportive throughout the entire thing and I’m happy for them.

But um … as for his sister?

Olivia is back with Asher now that he’s out!

Not that they were ever really done with each other! But they did part ways for a bit, and now that he’s back things are on and poppin’ again! And if you sang that the Chris Brown way, you get what I mean! Yup, they had sex!

Apparently “perks” of having a “single parent” means her mama ain’t home much? As if her parents were ever home? *rolls eyes* Okay O … do what you want, as usual!

But if her mom is a single parent, what does that mean for her dad?

Well, Coach Billy moved his thangs into Crenshaw …

Now that he’s their new Coach, it’s time for him to get his life straight. He’s also apparently not living at home with the kids and his wife, but they’re friendlier than last season.

So he’ll probably be back soon?

But this season Coach needs a win, like literally! And if y’all thought this was gonna be hard, before, due to Spencer’s injury, just know that Billy’s got a former student as the interim principal now and sir has it out for him! Billy is the reason the kid was sent off to boarding school and he ain’t letting that sh*t go!

Aight who does that leave?

Just Patience and Coop?

All American Season 3 Episode 1 Recap Coop and Layla

All American — “Seasons Pass” — Pictured (L-R): Bre – Z as Coop and Greta Onieogou as Layla — Photo: Erik Voake/The CW

Coop is back from touring with Layla which apparently went great.

But Patience left the tour two weeks early and no one knows why. She tried to tell Coop that Layla’s dad doesn’t play around, but we still don’t know what that means.

I’m guessing he’s more of an a-hole than folks and even his daughter realized? Cause I mean it’s the music business!

Oh and you probably already guessed this, but things are good now with Coop since Tyrone’s sister has calmed her vindictive a** down?

We’ll see y’all! I still don’t buy that “I wanna help” foolery, but maybe that’s just ’cause I’m from New York and we paranoid AF!

A few other things went down …

Including Jordan and Spencer punching each other, the kids painting BLM on their school floor, and all ah Billy’s ex’s and (almost) all his kids had dinner together for once like one big happy Brady bunch family.

But you’re gonna wanna watch the full episode yourself to catch up! Y’all know I can’t spill EVERYTHING! Dang! This is most of what happened, so you still have a reason to watch the show yourself cause it was cute. So hurry up and watch this thang before next week!

All American Season 3 Episode 1 Recap Olivia

All American — “Seasons Pass” — Pictured: Samantha Logan as Olivia — Photo: Erik Voake/The CW

Final thoughts about S3 E1 …

We were just on Twitter talking about how folks always make journalists, writers, bloggers, and influencers look bad and boom!

Days later we get another show where the journalist spins something for clout! That honestly ain’t even journalism, since they’re supposed to tell unbiased truths, and she clearly flipped the script on Spencer to stir up drama and get them views! 

Plus … what’s up with O calling her mom a single parent? B*xch she’s co-parenting! Aren’t they still officially married? I hate when folks use the term and they clearly have help!

Yo daddy ain’t go no where sis! He just dumb, but he still around. Come on now! Use that term correctly!

Oh and teen pregnancy is hard and very real and I’m super happy about how this entire Simone situation played out.

I’m also happy they showed a Black girl with supportive parents and a man who supported her regardless of whose kid it was, instead of how they normally paint us! 

So what do I think will happen during next week’s episode?

Look, I don’t know. Right now I’m still skeptical of everything. So I can’t really say. But I hope they put my suspicions to rest and don’t drag this sh*t out! I need to know that Spencer and Olivia didn’t do anything foolish, ’cause Layla my best friend in my head. I also need to know what happens with Preach and Coop, now that Tyrone’s big sister is in a forgiving mood.

But I guess we won’t figure it all out until next week. So …

Click here to watch All American Season 3 Episode 1 now streaming on The CW.

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