Hi, I’m Shaye, and I’m a Brooklynite, 90’s baby, millennial mom, proud Hufflepuff, and the Editor-of-Chief of this here digital media website called, Popcorn and Tequila, which focuses on entertainment and lifestyle content for millennial movie lovers of color.

I use my voice to say what the other critics won’t while hopefully making you laugh.

I also help millennials of color discover new movies and tv shows that are perfect for them, so they don’t have to spend the entire night scrolling through their streaming apps wondering what to choose. (Like I do.)

Popcorn and Tequila is a great place for millennials of color to find new movie and tv show recommendations via reviews, round up posts, memes and quotes. PAT will also soon feature lots of movie night ideas, along with lifestyle products and collectible items like shirts, Funko Pops, food, and more.

I’ve been fortunate enough to cover events like: the Frozen 2 red carpet movie premiere in LA, the Photograph movie premiere here in NYC, Nickelodeon’s SlimeFest, the American Black Film Festival, the Toronto International Film Festival and multiple Disney related entertainment events.

Oh, and after attending the NYC World Premiere for ‘The Photograph’, my review of the Black romance film went viral in less than a day and got over 26,000 views, along with over 20,000 shares. It’s one of my proudest moments today and such a big reminder that we never know which article or review will impact our readers the most.


With that said, I’m always looking to write Entertainment content for others, as well as always looking for new movies, TV shows, and products to help promote, so if you’re working on something, feel free to reach out and let me know! I also love a good twitter chat party, so it’s probably easier to reach me via Twitter.

For all brand requests, or to just say hi, email me at shaye@popcornandtequila.com.