About Shaye Wyllie

Shaye Wyllie is a NYC entertainment and lifestyle blogger from Brooklyn, NY and a single, millennial mother to her 7 year old daughter. Shaye began blogging a few years ago, when blogging wasn’t “cool” as a way to communicate how she was feeling to others because she has always been better communicating via writing than speaking. But that was a long time ago! Now Shaye writes to not only communicate her feelings with others, but to also entertain and inform others about the latest movies and tv shows she’s watched. Shaye has always had a love for the entertainment industry, specifically movies and tv shows.

To contact Shaye, please email her at: shaye@popcornandtequila.com.

Shaye also loves: long walks along the beach or in a park • extra sweet caramel lattes from Dunkin’ • traveling to new cities • soft fluffy donuts • bright colors • coffin shaped nails • lipstick • pretty colored drinks • whiskey + tequila • sweet wine • Mexican + Italian food • Belgian waffles • chocolate covered strawberries • the Arts (music, dance, theatre, art) • sarcastic graphic tees

About My Love For Movies + Tv Shows

But when it comes to her love for entertainment, Shaye has always been a lover of romantic comedies! Shaye is also a BIG fan of animations, family movies, intense dramas, sci-fi movies and anything dance, music or wedding related! When she’s not catching up on movies, Shaye finds herself binge watching anything and everything super powers related (especially if kids/teens are involved), cooking + baking shows (like MasterChef Junior and Cupcake Wars), teen dramas, sitcoms, comedies and legal dramas.



About Popcorn and Tequila

Popcorn and Tequila started in August 2019, when Shaye realized that her love for entertainment (specifically movies + tv shows) was greater than she had imagined!

After blogging at A Mom That Sleeps, for about a little over a year, and almost giving up blogging entirely, Shaye realized that if she stopped writing about what she thought others needed her to write about and wrote about what she wanted to write about instead, her love for blogging would flourish, and soon then came the idea for Popcorn and Tequila. When Shaye picked the new name for her entertainment blog, she wanted it to be something that represented her own personality, along with something everyone could identify with the entertainment industry. (And since Popcorn and a Coke, which happens to be her favorite movie time snack, didn’t “ring” any bells, she settled on Popcorn and Tequila.)

Here on Popcorn and Tequila you’ll find reviews of the latest movies and tv shows, movie night ideas, including snack and cocktail recipes, for you to host your own movie night at home on those cold nights when you just can’t bother to leave your bed, where to find the best movie theaters in NYC (and the best restaurants near those theaters for a late night snack afterwards). Plus activity books for your kids to enjoy (if you have kids), free movie screening tickets and movie related giveaways like gift cards or DVDs!

So make sure you’re subscribed to the newsletter, following this blog via email and following me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest so you don’t miss a thing!

About Sariah, My Daughter

Every now and then, (especially if you’re following me on social media), you’ll see me posts photos of this cute little girl pictured above, which happens to be my daughter! Sariah (who’s loved by many, and even a bit more than me) is 8 years old, and moving on up to 2nd grade this year! She loves unicorns, the colors pink and purple, face paint, singing + dancing, hanging out with her friends (and trust me she has plenty), stickers, eating out, dressing up, shoes, watching her favorite shows and all things girly.

About My Facebook Page

In April 2020, Shaye started her very own Facebook group for entertainment lovers to hang out and discuss movies + tv shows, as well as play games like bingo, do monthly challenges and host virtual watch parties, etc.

So if you’re looking for a few new friends you can talk too about movies + tv shows, look no further! Join “The Hangout” today and start chatting away. Click here to Join.

About Being A Brand Ambassador And Influencer

Shaye not only has the ability to inform and entertain her readers via her entertainment and lifestyle posts here on Popcorn and Tequila, but she also has the ability to influence her readers, friends, and family members on what movies or tv shows they should watch.

Shaye also enjoys storytelling and incorporating brand messages into her content via her blog or social media platforms to help brands and pr agencies build excitement about their latest entertainment and lifestyle products.

Shaye looks to build long-lasting relationships with brands and pr agencies, that can benefit her readers and followers, as well as the brands/pr agencies she works with and of course, herself.  

To discuss all partnership opportunities, please email Shaye at shaye@popcornandtequila.com.




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