by Shaye Wyllie

Discover. Digest. Discuss. (Drink.)

Popcorn and Tequila, ran by Editor in Chief, Shaye Wyllie, helps over 10,000 movie + tv show lovers discover, digest and discuss movies + tv shows that feature Black talent each month.

I make it easy for others to find and watch movies + tv shows that feature Black talent, including but not limited to, Black directors, actors/actresses, producers, writers, crew members, etc.

I make it easy for others to understand movies + tv shows that feature Black stories and culture norms through reviews & think pieces, while also giving everyone space to discuss their opinions.

I make it easy for others to ‘protect their peace’ and make safe viewing choices for their own sanity and mental health, by being honest about what may be triggering for the Black community.

And of course, I do it all, with a funny, snarky, tone … allowing all readers, even those who may not agree with my articles and opinions, to feel like they’re talking to a friend over drinks. However, whether I loved what I saw on screen, need more time to process what was watched, or hated every single second … I’ll always encourage others to “see it for theirselves”. I just may not suggest that you pay to watch everything, as almost everything these days can be watched digitally in the comfort of our homes.

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