Live Recap: 27 Thoughts I Had While Watching Abbott Elementary Episode 3 On Hulu

by Shaye Wyllie
abbott elementary episode 3

Thanks to Hulu, ’cause a b*xch don’t even have regular tv channels anymore, I legit live on streaming apps now, I got to watch episode 3 of Abbott Elementary and I am super excited to share my initial thoughts via this live recap.

If you haven’t started watching Abbott Elementary yet, I’m gon’ need you to stop, drop, and roll yo ass on over to Hulu and watch this because it is HE-LA-RE-US!

(Hilarious people! Damn!)

Here’s my review of Abbott Elementary episode 1 in case you think I’m joking.

Anddddd, here are …

27 Thoughts I Had While Watching Abbott Elementary Episode 3

Spoiler Alert – If you haven’t seen episode 3 of Abbott Elementary yet, this recap will spoil things a bit. I omitted names so you don’t know who is who. But if you loathe all kinds of spoilers, bookmark this joint and wait until you’ve seen the episode.

abbott elementary poster
Abbott Elementary – Key Art. (ABC)
  1. Damn! Go away Jacob!
  2. Wait this wishlist is for the community to help? Not the f*cking state? Jeezus!!
  3. This principal makes me cringe so hard! 
  4. Yeah … “I like clean” doesn’t feel less serial killer-y sir! You cute but damn, you like clean walls? Sus!
  5. I need her to stop tryna make this Tik Tok video!
  6. OMFG I’M JANINE!!!!! F*CK! (No seriously! Every one at work tired of me the same way too.) 
  7. Not her making fun of her iPhone 9! 
  8. Oh shit this video fire! Can she make videos for me? 
  9. Oh nooo she said Taye Diggs shared it! I’m crying!! He always sharing shit. My tweets included, he just retweeted something I tweeted last week.
  10. He sure getting a lot of drawings for a “temporary teacher”.
  11. These posters trash! Sir! Oh wait … I need posters for my wall too! 
  12. The giraffe that says keep your head high is a reflection of you Tyler? Why cause you smoke? Hilarious. 
  13. This b*xch put a foot bath spa on this girl wishlist so people would buy it for her? She’s really raggedy!
  14. Everybody in this show so god damn stubborn!
  15. She stopped her lesson to show her this video?
  16. This b*xch did one of those poor African children videos for her teacher??! I f*cking can’t! I’m crying!! Talking bout she went in a different direction with this one! What?! Tears!
  17. I can not!! I’m crying right now. I’m weak. This show is hilarious.
  18. Omg she already posted it!!!!
  19. She said these is only fans viral numbers! I can’t.
  20. Oh shit she got mad f*cking boxes thanks to the video!!
  21. OMG I stay threatening to quit too girl! And they always laugh at us! Why we like our jobs so much?
  22. Not “teaching on the moon in a space durag”. They killing me!
  23. No shit his kids like him! How is that a surprise sir? 
  24. Is she taking off her earrings to fight these people? Good lord.
  25. Yea! Don’t make them feel less than because they don’t have stuff! We don’t need stuff to feel good! I mean it makes us feel good to have things, but that doesn’t mean it gives us self worth.
  26. How he not seeing these drawings?? I see them.
  27. Not him trying to turn this trash thing into a plant holder! Jeezus. Please stop!

Whew chile this episode was a mess! But it’s hilarious.

Catch new episodes of Abbott Elementary every Wed on Hulu.

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