“Abbott Elementary” Episode 1 Review: Hilarious, Yet Heartbreaking, With A Whole Lot Of Truth

by Shaye Wyllie
abbott elementary episode 1

I’ve been waiting for episode 1 of Abbott Elementary to drop for like (what feels like) years! And now that it’s finally here, I’m overjoyed!

If you KNOW me, then you know, I’m not just a writer. I’m also incredibly passionate about kids, and I’ve been working in youth development since I was about 16 years old? Let’s just say for the last 10 years of my life.

So when Abbott Elementary was announced — a comedy, about a group of dedicated, passionate teachers, and an incredibly tone-deaf principal, (who find themselves thrown together in a Philadelphia public school where, despite the odds stacked against them, they are determined to help their students succeed in life), I knew I needed to watch it! So I did.

Here’s what I thought of Abbott Elementary Episode 1

I grew up in the public school system, and I’ve worked in public schools for about 10 years now.

Now, I’m NO teacher, even though I almost did get my teachers license before the panorama took over our lives, so I can’t say I truly feel their pain … because I don’t. Not on a teacher level. I don’t have to deal with the shit they go through.

But as an empath, and as someone who works with all kinds of kids, from all different backgrounds, via after school, SYEP, and YABC programs, I truly know enough to know that episode 1 of Abbott Elementary packed a PUNCH!

Every thing you probably laughed at, was a moment I laughed and then almost cried.

Every joke in this damn show is riddled with truth! So while, it’s hilarious and entertaining, and Quinta did an absolutely amazing job to make sure this was an upbeat, feel-good, comedy. It also hits home extremely hard and has me in my feels … still, days later after watching!

And oh boy, oh boy, will you wanna cry when you find out why she’s REALLY desperately in need of a new rug for her class!

Abbott Elementary, although it feels like it throws one too many scenarios at you, in its short 30 min time-frame, will take you on an emotional rollercoaster.

One that you may not be prepared for, but will appreciate once your feet touch the ground again, and leave you thinking of how you can get the teachers in your life a god damn pay raise … because they need it!

Although, you’ll only truly enjoy this rollercoaster ride if you have a heart, and love the children, unlike their “barely in it to win it” principal, who like so many others who work in schools, is clearly only in it just for a paycheck.

This episode is only “heartbreaking” if you can stop and understand that despite these scenarios seeming utterly wild, and hilarious, they actually do happen.

I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if they were actual stories sent in from actual teachers! Teacher life is beyond insane!

From buying food at the corner store on your school’s block … because who can afford to take time off for an actual lunch, to having the school spend it’s funds on random shit that makes the outside of the school “look pretty”, instead of using it to fund what’s really needed, Abbott Elementary highlights the (what seem like little) overlooked struggles teachers face everyday.

It’s handled with care, and grace, and snarky remarks from teachers staring into a camera “Office” style (yes The Office), as they attempt to keep it altogether, while trying to remember why the f*ck they became a teacher in the first place.

All to remind us that “it shouldn’t be a bad thing to care about kids”!

But if you’ve ever worked with kids, then you know … it absolutely always feels like it’s easier to not care.

However, for some of us, it’s not about the paycheck, it’s about making a difference, and honestly I think that’s what Quinta B is doing with this show! Making a god damn difference.

I can only hope though, that people take the time to not only watch Abbott Elementary on ABC every Tuesday at 9:30pm or stream it on Hulu every Wednesday! But to also really listen to the messages, and campaign and rally for our hardworking teachers who do so much, and yet get so little in return.

If you haven’t already added this to your weekly watch list, make sure you do so now! This one isn’t the one to miss, especially if you love comedies.

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