American Black Film Festival: 3 Of The Best Quotes From A Rodeo Film

a rodeo film quotes
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While watching A Rodeo Film during the American Black Film Festival HBO Short Film Competition, I couldn’t help but notice these movie quotes. And honestly, these quotes made me really emotional or extremely angry.

A Rodeo Film is about a bull rider who falls out of love with the sport, and must choose between his family’s legacy of rodeo and his own aspirations of life staring Jermelle Simon, Phrederic Semaj, and Charlee Earle.

I’ll post a full movie review shortly, but in the meantime …

Here are 3 Of The Best Movie Quotes From A Rodeo Film

A Rodeo Film Movie Poster

“Why are you tryna hurt me?”


“You hurt me every day!”


“Then don’t ride anymore. If you hate it just leave.”


“Nobody wants a cowboy who don’t know he a cowboy.”


Which of these movie quotes above from A Rodeo Film is your favorite?

And while you’re at it, go check out the short film below and tell me what your favorite quote from the film is.

Click here to sign up for a “Community Pass” to the American Black Film Festival so you can watch A Rodeo Film for free.

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