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‘A Fall From Grace’ Felt Like A HS Performance Until The Last 10 Mins

A Fall From Grace Review: It’s Not Horrible But It’s Definitely Not Good

When Netflix announced Tyler Perry’s new movie “A Fall From Grace” was coming last year we were … okay, some of us were … extremely excited.

The movie teaser poster announced that some of our favorite actresses like, Phylicia Rashād, Cicely Tyson and Bresha Webb would be in it.

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And honestly that was the main reason I wanted to see Grace fall from … wherever she was falling from. Lol I love me some Phylicia and Cicely.

However, once Netflix viewers finally got a sneak peek of ‘A Fall From Grace’, things went downhill immediately.

I’m still waiting for the memes to pop up like daisies (as Mushu would say), and they are, slowly, but surely. But even without the memes flooding my Facebook timeline (like all of the You memes I found) I’m still sure that we can ALL agree that this isn’t Tyler’s best work.

I mean, the movie was made in 5 days, and honestly that sounds like someone dropped the ball somewhere. Who? I’m not sure, but someone f*cked up BIG time!

Cause don’t NO Black person get where they get by cutting corners and producing a movie in 5 days unless something happened and they had NO choice but to.

But honestly … that doesn’t excuse this shit!

I expect greatness from our people at all times!

If you gon put it out there, make it good! Or don’t put that shit out there at all! Maybe that’s the perfectionist in me speaking, but sometimes we only get ONE chance to show who we are and what we’re about.

And even Eminem knew that shit and what not to do with it. Come on son!

Anywho, let’s discuss why this movie was so damn disappointing, shall we?

a fall from grace movie poster

If you haven’t seen A Fall From Grace yet, and don’t know WTF this thang is about, here’s the run down.

Grace, currently in jail, is on the brink of pleading guilty to killing her husband.

Jasmine, a public defender known for taking plea deals instead of going to trial, gets Grace’s case from her boss.

Jasmine’s ONE f*cking job is to get Grace to sign the plea deal. Dassit! All Grace gotta do is sign the shit and serve her time in jail like the good murderer she is.

But of course things are never that simple. Jasmine, for some reason, doesn’t believe that Grace actually killed her husband. And if she DID, then she MUSTA had a damn good reason for it and maybe she acted in self-defense, right?

So Jasmine convinces Grace that they should go to trial instead of taking the plea deal and TRY to fight the case.

A Fall From Grace is supposed to be a thriller, and a thriller it is not!

I mean, is a movie a comedy if it’s only funny for 5 minutes? Literally 5 minutes!

I think the f*ck not!

So then, why the HELL Netflix got “thriller” as one of the genres for this movie? *sigh* It was a thriller for literally the last 10 minutes! That’s about it. The movie was what, about 90 mins long? What happened to the rest of it?

A Fall From Grace literally gets GOOD at about 1:40:00. I literally had to look at the time when I realized it was getting good! So you can imagine the look on my face when I realized the shit was ’bout to be over!

And funny enough, RIGHT before it got good, I was sitting here thinking “how is this shit almost done and I feel like ain’t shit happen yet”. Lol

The whole time I was just laying in my bed, chilling, waiting for something to happen, and shit don’t start happening until the last 10 minutes?

Then when shit finally STARTS happening it’s just magically over?

Like, WTF? You couldn’t give me 10 more minutes?

Did they run out of time and just stop filming?  Ugh!

a fall from grace movie

Either there’s gonna be a sequel to this or the ending was trash.

Cause it got really GOOD and then boom, it was done. And they really coulda spent another 10 minutes to dive into that ending a bit more.

But to me, it looks like he was purposely leaving room for a sequel. Which after this, I’m not sure if anyone even wants one. Lol

I can’t dive into this without spoiling the ending, and since I know a ton of people haven’t seen it yet, we’re just gonna move on. But I can totally see a sequel.

However, someone has got to tell Tyler and his actors, that screaming does not equal good acting and emotions.

Cause he kept screaming, this man kept screaming, everybody just freaking screaming. And they still ain’t got no damn emotion in that shit! Half ass screams!

Almost ALL ah Tyler’s lines is him shouting orders!

Like my dude, you mean to tell me, you write about Black folks and you ain’t once seen a Black lawyer that didn’t have to SCREAM for a cup of coffee?

Why he couldn’t just have a GREAT assistant that knew to have his coffee on his table already? I mean the damn firm is broke, so the least yo assistant could do was have coffee ready, right? You’ve gotta be stressed TF out working, knowing your firm is BROKE. Coffee is like the most basic amenity at an office, and all assistants know stressed out bosses need coffee. Come on now. Lol

And while we’re at it, why did the firm have to be broke?

To be an excuse for why Jasmine couldn’t go to trial? Why couldn’t the reason she needed to sign the plea deal just be “cause she admitted to murder”?

Why do I need to see a BLACK lawyer, with a BLACK law firm, that’s BROKE?!

There are so many plot holes in this damn movie and I swear I had a thousand questions while watching this shit.

Like …

Nobody that worked on this film knows a good Black hair stylist?

She sleeps with lashes ON?

Was the background actor, who ate and drank air, apart of Rory’s law firm and that’s why he couldn’t afford a meal? They ain’t have enough money to pay him this week so he’s literally eating air?

Are y’all REALLY shocked that a guy married an old woman to steal her money?

Why I gotta see his WHOLE ass? And why does his hands cover EVERYTHING in the front? Was it cold? It was cold right? That’s why?

Did she really cry and shed no damn tears?

Why her hair so f*ckd up?

Ms. Cicely and Phylicia the only ones that can ACT in this movie?

Did he REALLY just leave that man handcuffed there and then drove off? And his ass didn’t try to run away? He said “stay there” and he STAYED???

How he kick the door down in one kick?

Why the frying pan ain’t knock him out?

He really gotta fight an old lady?

Why he keep thinking saying “don’t move stay right here” gon f*cking work?

Did he REALLY just say “it must be a millennial thing”? The f*ck he got against millennials?

Do ALL women from the south act like this? (Sweep shit under the rug then SNAP? Cause where I’m from if I say get the hell up outta MY house, husband or NOT, you finna get the hell up outta MY house sweetie.)

Like some ah this shit just didn’t make no sense whatsoever and it’s ridiculous.

And to make matters worst, it wasn’t just the plot, the acting was bad as hell too.

From the moment ‘A Fall From Grace’ started, I didn’t feel attached to the characters. It’s similar to how I felt when I watched the first episode of Freeform’s new series Party of Five on Hulu.

I just couldn’t get into it, I didn’t BELIEVE what they were selling.

Like the way Grace killed her husband?

Way too dramatic and over the top for what he did and how she was feeling. (Or at least how she portrayed she was feeling.) Cause honestly, she was just quiet. There was no build up of rage shown! Nada!

The man did a little cheating and stole some money and you want me to believe she snapped like THAT? Come on now!

I need to see her pacing back and forth, in tears, screaming on the phone to her best friend, heart broken. I need to see her asking why me, why again. Like, I wanted raw emotions, and all we got was a “am I this stupid”?

She coulda hit him once and that woulda been suffice! I could see why she’d hit him, I can’t see why she’d do ALL that! Don’t drag the shit now sis.

Not to mention Jasmine cried with no damn tears! How sway? She was crying like how kids cry! You know, when they’re upset and want attention, so they cry but not a damn tear falls outta their eyes? That’s how she cried!

Meanwhile her case is a mess? And that was the best cry she had in her?

It just felt like they were speaking instead of acting. Which is why I said it feels like watching a High School performance.

You know when you watch kids perform and you’re like, omg my baby did so good, but it really wasn’t, you just don’t want them to feel bad and they’re kids so you try not to judge? Yeah, that’s how I feel about these damn performances.

Only they grown, so what’s their excuse?

But the good news is that, not all was lost! A Fall From Grace wasn’t all that bad.

Despite the bad acting, the dialogue between Grace and Shannon on their dates seemed so natural. I loved watching them together, when they were “in love”.

The twist at the ending was extremely good as well. I definitely didn’t see it coming.

And it totally reminds me of a music video of a popular song that I shall not name because it’ll give the ending away. Lol (So if you wanna know what song I’m talking about private message me, email me, etc.)

Plus, the music was actually pretty good from what I remember.

(Which, is saying a lot, because the first thing I notice is the sound in a film – especially if it’s bad. Have you read my review of Disney Plus’s new series Diary of a Future President? Lol)

But even still, I’m not sure what Netflix did to deserve this tragedy.

a fall from grace tyler perry

A Fall From Grace belongs on one of them old channels no one really pays attention to, aside from people like my mama.

This is legit something my mama would probably watch on TV. Lol (And I’d sit right there and watch it with her, wondering why we ain’t change the channel yet.)

Someone mentioned on Facebook that this was great for Netflix, but I don’t think so! A Fall From Grace isn’t Netflix worthy. Netflix has some GREAT stuff.

A Fall From Grace maybe TV worthy, but not Netflix worthy.

This is something you’d watch on TV because ain’t nothing else on so you settle like, “fine lemme see what this is all about, it can’t be that bad, ain’t shit on anyway.” Lol

It’s one of those “I got work to do, but I need the TV on” movies.

It’s great if you need something on in the background while you work, but still need it to be easy to follow, without it being so good that it causes you to get sucked in and distracted from work. Lol Like Sextuplets on Netflix

Overall, A Fall From Grace isn’t as bad as what everyone made it seem, and it’s worth the watch if you’re bored

It’s not like you need to stare at the screen the entire time to watch this movie, so you can totally watch it while doing laundry or something.

And even though it doesn’t hook you from the very beginning, you DO have to watch the entire thing to even understand why the last 10 minutes are so exciting. Lol

But listen … I’m just glad Phylicia Rashad’s role is bigger that what it seemed at the beginning, cause I really sat here like “so they just gon’ have this big name on this cast list and then give her one of the smallest parts?” Lol

This isn’t gonna go on my Netflix Recommendations list, but I guess you can watch it or whatever. Lol I’m not gonna sit here and BEG you to though (the way I would beg you to watch The Circle or Raising Dion. Lol)

Have you seen A Fall From Grace yet? If not, watch Tyler Perry’s new movie here.

P.s – Thanks for reading! Don’t forget to hit the share button below so your friends can read this awesome post as well. Comments are always appreciated and responded to. So gon’ and tell me how you REALLY feel! Thanks in advance! Now click around and read something else. Lol There’s lots of suggestions below!

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