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Thanks To 1-800-Flowers.com And Universal Pictures You Can Now Send Flowers And A Movie

Yesterday, I got the news that 1-800-Flowers.com is partnering with Universal Pictures to allow those who order flowers to also send a movie with their purchase, and the movie lover in me is quite intrigued.

While I’m still not sure how I feel about this just yet, I can see this being super cute.

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Like someone sending flowers after a date, and also sending one of their favorite movies you’ve never seen, to hopefully be discussed during the next date. Or a friend sending a loved one who’s sick a cheer up bouquet, with a movie they know will make them laugh.

But with streaming platforms a plenty these days, I’m not sure how many folks are gonna actually take advantage of this opportunity.

I mean, why send flowers AND pay extra to send a movie download code, when you can just direct them to Netflix, or Hulu, or Amazon Prime Video or HBO Max, or Peacock or … you get my point? It’s 2020, and we can easily suggest a movie based on what streaming platforms our friends have.

So why did 1-800-Flowers.com wait until this very moment, until 2020, to partner with Universal Pictures? I’m not sure, but … here’s how this works.

At launch, hundreds of films from the Universal vault will be available as a digital movie add-on, including a wide variety of high-profile new releases, such as Trolls World Tour and The Invisible Man, along with film gems such as Jaws, Back to the Future, and more.

Customers can choose from two budget-friendly pricing tiers – $6.99 classic and popular hit films – and $9.99 for blockbuster hits and newer releases.

The movie is the recipient’s to keep, helping them build their personal library through the free movie collection app, Movies Anywhere.

“This exciting collaboration with Universal, together with the unique delivery experience designed by SmartGift, provides a fantastic new way for customers to engage with our brand and connect with each other”, says Amit Shah, President, 1-800-Flowers.com.

Recipients will then receive a curated list of ideas for suggested movie pairings to complement their gifting occasion, including Birthdays, Get Well, etc.

So the person purchasing the gift, doesn’t actually pick the movie. (Which is a bummer but also a relief.) By providing gift recipients the ability to choose their own digital movie, gift-givers can assure the perfect film choice for any occasion. However …

Customers can pick when their gift recipient will receive their movie.

Powered by SmartGift, customers can synchronize the arrival of their digital movie code with their gift delivery OR they can notify the recipient that their gift is on its way and surprise them ahead of time.

Through the messaging app of their choice – email, Facebook Messenger or text, recipients will digitally unwrap their gift to find a code they can use to select their movie.

So I guess for the price, this ain’t so bad.

And since I love watching movies, getting one for free, would be great! But I can’t help but think that if 1-800-Flowers had partnered with Universal Pictures YEARS ago, it would have been welcomed with open arms.

However, during a time where there’s a pandemic, money may be tight, even for those who love giving gifts and I’m worried that this may not be needed right now.

I’lll still take some flowers and a free movie though! So, someone send a gift my way.

I mean, my birthday is literally in a few days (September 9th) so be nice and send me something, will ya? Then I can tell you first hand if it’s worth it or not!

Also …

Now through September 9, customers will have the opportunity to enter to win some of the essentials needed to create a theater-quality experience right in their own backyard, including a portable projector and screen, digital movie code, a premium The Popcorn Factory 18-Pack Popcorn Sampler and more for the whole family to enjoy.

For more information and to enter, visit 1800flowers.com/universal-pictures.

What do you think about this new offer? Would you pay extra to send someone a movie with their flower bouquet in 2020?

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