The Babysitters Club: 13 Things I Loved And 3 Things I Hated

the Babysitters Club Netflix series
The Baby-Sitters Club: (L To R) Shay Rudolph As Stacey Mcgill, Momona Tamada As Claudia Kishi, Sophie Grace As Kristy Thomas And Malia Baker As Mary Anne Spier In Episode 1 Of The Baby-Sitters Club. Cr. Kailey Schwerman/Netflix © 2020

Okay so if you’ve been following along, then you already KNOW I love the new Babysitters Club series on Netflix.

However, there are a few minor things I hated!

So here’s everything I loved and hated about this new Netflix series.

13 Things I Love About The Babysitters Club On Netflix

the Babysitters Club Netflix series Kristy
The Baby-Sitters Club: (L To R) Sophie Grace As Kristy Thomas And Momona Tamada As Claudia Kishi In Episode 4 Of The Baby-Sitters Club. Cr. Kailey Schwerman/Netflix © 2020

1. Kristy’s mom told her not to cancel her plans just to babysit.

She said the boys didn’t even think about canceling theirs, so why should she, and that was such an amazing message to send to girls.

Often times, women sacrifice their needs and wants to help others, when men don’t even let that idea enter their minds.

So it was super nice of her mom to not make Kristy do it just because she’s a girl.

2. Kristy’s mom respected her kids enough to give them a choice, instead of forcing them to do something they didn’t want to do.

Listen, I grew up having to watch my sister, and my brother grew up having to pick me up from school. Things we hated doing because we could have spent that time hanging with friends. (Not that I was allowed to do that.)

Now I’m not saying kids shouldn’t help around the house and do chores! However, kids should be given a choice for other things and shouldn’t be forced to do stuff that isn’t in their “job description”.

I’m sorry! Having your kids cancel their plans, no matter what they are, to babysit someone’s child, when they haven’t agreed to do so, is wrong. And I’m glad Kristy’s mom respected her kids enough to not force them into babysitting.

Even if her son was JUST playing video games all day with his friends, that’s not his kid to raise! Don’t force kids into things just because it’s convenient for you.

3. Mary Anne!


I absolutely love Mary Anne in this show!

4. Claudia’s sculpture was about mensuration!

It was such a great way to show how middle school girls are more than just candy, boys, and girl talk.

These kids may seem young, but they’re definitely paying attention to the world around them.

5. Their business logo.

So many book adaptions change things when they become movies or series, so I smiled extremely hard when I saw that their company’s logo was the original book’s title.

It was such a cute touch, and it honestly made sense that the girls would draw something like that so it fits perfectly.

the Babysitters Club Netflix series Claudia
The Baby-Sitters Club: Momona Tamada As Claudia Kishi In Episode 2 Of The Baby-Sitters Club. Cr. Kailey Schwerman/Netflix © 2020

6. When Kristy asked if Claudia was gonna get dressed up for some dude who couldn’t even bother to actually ask her to the dance.

Why do women do this? Why do we make such a big deal out of dudes who can’t even do the bare minimum? Just because he’s cute and interested? This was such a great thing to highlight for girls to see and think about.

7. I love that she blinged out her diabetes machine.

Like how cute is that!

And it really gave me a “I don’t care what you think anymore, I love me and that’s all that matters” vibe!

Plus blue is my favorite color. So yeah!

8. They casually threw in that one of the kids’ talks to a therapist.

And I love how they slipped in it, without making her sound crazy, or like she needed it because she was off the wall, or acting up.

Sometimes kids just need someone else to talk too! It was a great way to make it “sound cool” without being preachy.

9. At the hospital, they used their Asian names instead of their American names.

Growing up, I only knew my Asian friends by their American names. But it was so nice to hear them use their Asian names, and owning that part of them, instead of having the doctors call them by their American names.

I’m big on learning someone’s real name before using their nickname, so this was just a nice added touch.

10. All of Claudia’s outfits and earrings!

But I REALLY loved the ‘face’ pair she wore at the art show! I need to step my earring game up.

11. Dawn pretending to be her mom and saying “wine on the rocks”.

If you’re a wine drinker then you know why this is funny! But it also made the girls feel more like GIRLS!

If she had known the proper terms for alcohol, or that people don’t drink wine with ice, that would have been super alarming.

12. Mary Anne’s hair in the wedding episode.

It was so freaking pretty! Aw man! I loved that she started switching up her hairstyles.

13. I love how diverse this show is! Like truly, truly love it.

I don’t have to ASK where are all the Black girls. I can SEE that Claudia is Asian, and not just because she looks like it, but because they embedded her culture into her story.

I can see the Latin in Dawn. Their cultures are present and not hiding in the shadows at all and I love it!

Of course, we could be picky and say they could have done a lot better. I don’t remember there being Black boys or any boys of any other race for that matter.

BUT they did pretty well! And I’m sure Season 2 will be even better.

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The Baby-Sitters Club: (L To R) Shay Rudolph As Stacey Mcgill, Momona Tamada As Claudia Kishi, Malia Baker As Mary Anne Spier And Sophie Grace As Kristy Thomas In Episode 4 Of The Baby-Sitters Club. Cr. Kailey Schwerman/Netflix © 2020

3 Things I Hated About The Babysitters Club On Netflix

1. Kristy didn’t say thank you.

I get that she was annoyed at Watson, but after he complimented her I would have liked her to show some manners.

She could have even mumbled it under her breath, to stay in character, since we know at that point she hates him.

But she should have said something!

2. Claudia bought their landline phone on Etsy.

This just made me feel old as hell!

Like damn, they couldn’t even go to Target to buy one? She had to scour the internet for this damn thing. Ugh!

the Babysitters Club Netflix series Claudia
The Baby-Sitters Club: (L To R) Bodhi Sabongui As Trevor Sandbourne And Momona Tamada As Claudia Kishi In Episode 101 Of The Baby-Sitters Club. Cr. Kailey Schwerman/Netflix © 2020

3. Claudia is taking a college nude drawing class?

Like, why did that even need to be there? I really got excited when I heard she was taking college courses, but as soon as I heard nude I was like oh no! Sis isn’t even in High School yet! Why is she taking a nude drawing class?

But yeah, I think that’s about it! Is there anything YOU loved about the show? (Or hated!)

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