Should The Babysitters Club On Netflix Get A Season 2? Here’s What I Think

the babysitters club netflix season 2
The Baby-Sitters Club: (L To R) Shay Rudolph As Stacey Mcgill, Momona Tamada As Claudia Kishi, Malia Baker As Mary Anne Spier, Xochitl Gomez As Dawn Schafer And Sophie Grace As Kristy Thomas In Episode 8 Of The Baby-Sitters Club. Cr. Liane Hentscher/Netflix © 2020

Is that even a question? Like, come on y’all! Did you WATCH The Babysitters Club on Netflix? ‘Cause if you DID, then you KNOW that this shouldn’t even be a question!

Hell yeah, I think The Babysitters Club Netflix series should get a Season 2!

Honestly, if they don’t renew The Babysitters Club for another season I’d be highly upset.

Season 1 of The Babysitters Club left us with the notion that the girls were recruiting new babysitters, and growing their business.

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So you better believe I wanna see how that plays out! I’d love to see the girls grow – their business, their personalities, all of it.

Mary Anne has already grown so much in Season 1 that I think another season would really put her on the path of greatness and I’d love to see how that plays out.

I also wanna see how Kristy adjusts to her ‘rich girl’ life, and I’d love to see the show tackle even more important topics for middle schoolers. Those conversation starters are golden!

Yeah, there were a few things I didn’t like about this series, but this was the BEST darn book adaption I’ve ever seen.

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the babysitters club netflix poster

Honestly, The Babysitters Club series made my heart skip a few flutter-butterfly beats as I watched it. It was so cute, and I loved how modern and diverse it was, while still appealing to us millennials and all of the adults who actually read the books.

So yeah, there better be another Season! And I feel like a Fall season would be awesome!

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To watch the girls babysit and take their kids trick-or-treating, or celebrating all of the different holidays they share in between each other, seeing as that they all have different cultures, would be great!

But since there’s no news on this, for now, I’ll keep an eye out for a new season announcement, and we’ll just twiddle our thumbs and wait it out. Until then …

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